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Candy Crush Helper!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Gadgets

Goodnews android users!
Are u having a hardtime playing candy crush saga!? Here’s a tutorial for you that will give you..

150 moves!
99 moves bomb candies!
No tickets!
Updated until level 410.

Follow this religiously..
*first you have to sync or save ur reached level to facebook.
*second is uninstall your candy crush app. Yes uninstall it.
*3rd you have to uninstall facebook app as well
Or if you dont want to uninstall facebook or you can’t uninstall it..

*Go to Setting
Applications Manager
Find “Facebook” app
Disable it.

*after doing all this and install.

*after installing, open the candy crush app and connect it to facebook..(you should have active internet connection of course!)

*log in to facebook inside the candy crush app MOD…then if you are done and facebook is already synced, play it once..then exit the app

*lastly, install or enable again tje facwbook app then log in there as well

Enjoy the game!

Thanks to the original modder of the app.


Swap tayo?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Gadgets, Important and Serious Matters

Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money.

Swap is an act or process of exchanging one thing to another.

I had several items that I swapped, from gadgets, earphones to luxury shades and other things that is not worth a lot of money(Box of my old cellphone worth 250php).

Swapping is like Barter trade before, no money involved but in todays time swapping involves cash because if someone would swap a “not that valuable thing” to a valuable thing they will need to add up some cash to compensate the value of their items. Sometimes the swapee(i’m not sure if such a word really exist) just needs some cash or emergency funds or sometimes they just dont want their item anymore or sometimes maybe bored or they want something better. The swapper always the one that would want to upgrade their gadgets or got some extra cash to level up their gadgets. Popular sites for doing this in the phillipines are and which i both have an account with a positive feedbacks from all my customers/co-swappers.

With the the sites i provided, the most common item that are being swapped are smartphones but of course everything can be swap to other things from clothes to high end gadgets, sometimes you will get an offer to swap their pets to your gadgets which i think is barely legal.(i personally got an offer to swap my smartphone to a pet spider) which i obviously declined. Afterall this is a free country(LOL)

Barter trade is really a good thing because as they say now “money is the root of all evil” so i came to realized that if Barter trade still exist there will be no corruption all over the world especially in the philippines. It would awesome to see “Barter Trading in an Internet era”

I know some one that is really addicted to swapping. om Every other month i would see him with new things or valuables and sometimes i also swap my things with him which is pretty cool i guess. But now i got tired of doing it because i ran out of things to be swapped:) all the things i have now is already perfect for my lifestyle and i also got the secret of it which is enjoyment. When i get bored with my smartphone, what i do now is reseting my phone to factory settings without creating a back up then reinstalling the apps i use to have and tinkering it like it is new. (I find enjoyment doing this) with my other things i usually put it in a box or wrapping it again and opening it to revisit the enjoyment you used to have when you purchased it.

The main point here is contentment, we should be contented to what we have and be contented to all the things we bought in the first place. We initially bought it because that’s what we wanted in the first place but this would be very hard because we all know that humans doesn’t have contentment at all.

So lets swap?