Candy Crush Helper!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Gadgets

Goodnews android users!
Are u having a hardtime playing candy crush saga!? Here’s a tutorial for you that will give you..

150 moves!
99 moves bomb candies!
No tickets!
Updated until level 410.

Follow this religiously..
*first you have to sync or save ur reached level to facebook.
*second is uninstall your candy crush app. Yes uninstall it.
*3rd you have to uninstall facebook app as well
Or if you dont want to uninstall facebook or you can’t uninstall it..

*Go to Setting
Applications Manager
Find “Facebook” app
Disable it.

*after doing all this and install.

*after installing, open the candy crush app and connect it to facebook..(you should have active internet connection of course!)

*log in to facebook inside the candy crush app MOD…then if you are done and facebook is already synced, play it once..then exit the app

*lastly, install or enable again tje facwbook app then log in there as well

Enjoy the game!

Thanks to the original modder of the app.


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