Healthy Living, Dirty Lifestyle

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Daily Service


Why would you live healthy and have a dirty lifestyle? Why not choc nut!?

Running is the most common and easiest exercise at least for me, every corner of Metro Manila you would see someone is running (Including snatchers,robbers and gang members). Running became so popular to young ones, adults and even to elderly(young once) because you only need basic knowledge and you are good to go! Seriously, who doesn’t know how to run?(except for person with disabilities of course!All humans are born to run, and the easiest way to see proof of this is to observe the uninhibited, pain-free running of children. However, as we mature and begin to wear shoes on a regular basis, the “natural feel” for running is gradually lost as we spend many hours seated or walking throughout the year -Runnr. IMO It became common for us living in a third world developing country because the only thing you need is a pair of rubber shoes and comfortable shorts then you can already start running every where you want, there are streets, parks and EDSA, your choice!.

Let me share why I became “in” to this renowned exercise. A couple of years ago, I started a program with my office mate being my coach in Muay Thai. He offered it to me for free and still thought about it after all, nothing can beat beer and pizza with cigar on the side. We started doing basics in the office when there was nothing much to do then after that we stepped it up and we did full training outdoors. I hated running because of my smoking history for 15 years so whenever we would start our routine or should I say whenever he asks me to do Muay Thai training on a specific day, I always make sure to be late to skip the running or cardio part so I would just jump to the fun part which is boxing mitts and techniques but it was very apparent and my coach noticed it and eventually it became my punishment so whenever I did wrong or late I would run a couple of miles or even more depending on the schedule. I didn’t get it at first, but eventually I realized that my cardio became a lot better and my smoking habits became minimal so it was Healthy Living after all! Months and years have passed then my training with my coach became so rare that sometimes we wouldn’t meet in a month because of other priorities but we make sure to at least meet twice a month so I thought of something to keep me busy and little did I know that I would just fall to the most hated part of my training which is Running.

Running became part of my exercise routine, aside from it would make me fit and healthy. it also gives me peace of mind. I only run alone with my music with me, everything for me is already perfect and I also haven’t joined any Fun runs or Marathon(at least not yet). I started circling around our vicinity until going home from office to home. Recently I was able to reached 19.7 kilometers so I thought of joining 21km half-marathon to test my knowledge and skills. I became addicted and started research on how to improve my skills in running and gears that would  help me run faster from shoes, shorts and gears. I even joined running clubs (Shout out to Makati Runners Club in Ayala Triangle). Right now, I am in search of a good compression shorts and a good pair of shoes for longer runs. (Suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

At this very moment, I still run and practice Muay Thai. I am still living healthy with all the exercise and work outs I do but I can’t say No to beers, fatty food and Cigarettes because I work at night dealing with so much stress so I badly need it. It is Healthy Living but Dirty Lifestyle (at least I got the first one right which is Living Healthy!)


Things to consider if you’ll start practicing Muay Thai.

*Nothing much you need aside from trust and valor. I just bought a pair of training shorts and hand wraps for 230php in any sports stores. and I was good to go! but for “porma” purposes, I bought Muay Thai shorts, knee support and compression shirt (350baht for MuayThai Shorts and 1.2k php for my compression shirt). Rubber shoes is also needed for your cardio workout and full training outside the gym. and of course a good Muay Thai coach(Kru)

Things to consider if you’ll start running (let’s say you got inspired because of me)

*For jogging and occasional running, any rubber shoes would do-I started running with New balance shoes “na pang porma”. sport shorts, time and Dedication.

*For Serious runners, I would say a good pair of shoes depending on your foot type(Yes! there are 3 types of foot for better running, search for it), Running shorts or Compression shorts/leggings. Dri-Fit shirt(I use heat gear compression long sleeves for weight cut) and lastly hydration bottle and running belts for your iPod/Cellphone.(I use simple hydration bottle because it is compact)

*for street runners, make sure you run with the vehicles approaching and not on your back. defensive running so that you would see vehicles coming at you!



*Mini Review

I used to wear Nike free run 4.0 – Good for porma purposes but not for long runs after 5km.

I shifted to Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – Lightweight but after 10Km I had blisters on my feet so it was not GoRun for me after 10Km but instead it was GoWalk. It was really good for sensitive feet because the amount of cushioning is the best but I am sure there is better out there or maybe I haven’t found the best shoes for me.

I have Nike belt bag and Simple Hydration and so far, it’s good and doing their job right for me but a little pricy.

That’s it! Pansit!

Happy Running and Live Healthy!…….but with Dirty Lifestyle!








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