Scam Telco in Scam Country

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Daily Service

One of the reasons why living in this country is a big scam! I always say “Scam Country – Philippines, you pay for so much tax and you get very little service from the government and if not, you get nothing!”

Now, this big telco is also a scam! You reload your phone to make sure you have something to use for calls and texts to your love ones then all of sudden it will be gone! Tell me if that is not a scam. Let me tell you a little bit of the story here.

I had a prepaid number for many years and  was forced to change it because the issue is not being resolved. Are you familiar with these scam where the telco will tell you that you are using the data when in fact your data toggle is off in your smartphone? That is a big scam! I know that in these present time, everything seems complicated but it is not! It is a simple setting you need to turn off and you are good to go. I called several time and spoke with a representative but still this issue is not being resolved. I was told that data is being used thats why load is diminishing and they also have a free service where they will alert you if data is being used when in the first place, they don’t have to do it if they fix they bs network. And to tell you honestly, the data alert service is not even working. To sum it up, I gave up..I Thought  about it and maybe because I have a dinosaur sim and a 2013 flagship model smartphone. Now I changed my phone to the most recent one from apple and I also changed my sim but it looks like I am getting the same problem here. Look at these photos for reference. I am always connected with our wifi. I reload a card and slept when I wake up it’s GONE! Now tell me what to do with these network? Damn it GLOBE! Get your shit together!



Fast forward to 2018, a couple of years later, same problem exist. GLOBE sim card has been inserted to a basic phone with no internet access at all! You know that basic phone that you can buy cheap as a back up phone and it would be impossible for you to browse the bet on it but still this SCAM TELCO was able to deduct a load from you saying that you are connecting to the internet. This is a complete BS and you feel helpless that you have no other option to change network because they own ALL telco in the scam country. Hopefully, we can have a better service and a new player in terms of providing a service for telecommunication. All we can do is HOPE for a change and fair service.


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