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I have gone through 3 types of OS in Smartphones. Windows OS, Android and lastly iOS from Apple. So which one is the best?

None. There is no better OS than the other, it is a matter of choice, preference and needs. It depends on how you will use your smartphone. If you are a geek and wants customization I would say Android(You have to have time, tools and knowledge to perform such task or if you want a deeper customization on your phone). If you are a professional who doesnt have time and just want your smartphone to do all the things you expect it to do smoothly then go for Apple iOS. Now if you want somehow to have atleast a little of both and just want to be different from the others, go with Microsoft Windows.

I have been exposed with smartphone since 2007 and the first thing I got was an Android from HTC. It was a Desire HD with 4.3′ screen and I thought it was huge back then. I believe it has Android Froyo or Gingerbread if Im not mistaken. I was really amazed on how these kind of phones can do such task, it was like having a mini computer in your hand. I did read everything about Android and exposed myself to and market militia to learn tips,tweaks and root access. I also have gone through a lot o Android forums and almost all my time after work is being consumed researching and learning different kind of customizations. I had many Android phones. Upgrade every upgrade. From Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC (No midranger back then, these manufacturers is the top 4 IMO) after many years, there was a point that I felt helpless and I was like a prisoner on my own phone. I couldnt do such task anymore because of my day job and Android for me is time consuming.(atleast for me, I always want everything to be in place) I realized that the more you want your phone to be accessible or to become a user friendly or to become as easy as you want it to be, you would spend tons of your time to achieve it. (especially in Android, there is always a better version of everything after a month or so). It is a never ending cycle. I would assume, Android is for geeks and IT professional who can fully take advantage of it. It can also for teenagers because of the midrangers smartphones nowadays. “Good phones are going cheap, Cheap phones are going really good”

I finally gave up! I want a more simpler phone that has a little bit of customization and a good look with killer specs. I watched several reviews of Microsoft Windows phone and took a look of their aging Lumia 1520(Late 2014). Checked the price and was on sale for 60% off the price so I took a chance and gave it a shot. I finally got myself a Windows phone. When I set it up, I felt strange. There are no many apps in the store. Even the popular ones. I felt weird and sorry for Microsoft because I thought they are doing good especially in their Computer OS but it was on the contrary in their Smartphone OS. There were no support from other developers and it is so sad and lonely in their App store. Regardless of the issue from the developers I still kept my phone for a year because of the best camera of Lumia lineup and besides it was simple and doesn’t  need a lot of customization. Third party apps replacement is also good but it is still better if big app developers would support  Windows OS ecosystem for the benefit of greater option for consumer (read Google versus Microsoft). Accesories for Lumia is also hard to find so if you will switch to this OS join a lot of forum to know where to buy accesories. Battery life in my Lumia 1520 can take up to 2-3 days of average use so it was really great but I was envious of the other accesory support from manufacturers to Android and iOS so after a year and a half I sold my Lumia for a cheap price and went to a more simpler one.

Apple iOS. The Cupertino, CA based company  who is leading in the smartphone business (As they claimed it to be) I just recently got a 6s Plus because I got used to larger phone (back in the day 4.3′ was huge and got Lumia 1520 which is 6′ screensize and now 5.5′ for 6s plus)  and besides larger is always the better right? Better media consumption and better battery life. I appreciate the fact the this kind of OS is out of the box good. You don’t need to spend time for customization. It will do every task you want to do in your smartphone with ease. It will definitely not disappoint if you just want the basics from your phone. The best simple elegant phone you can get. For the record, I only spent 1 hour to achieve the look I want my phone to have and besides there is not much to do aside from customizing folder, rearranging  the icons and changing the wallpapers. That’s basically it but I appreciate the simpler look of it because I don’t have to tinker everytime if I need something especially that I am more busy now than the Android days I had. It also has a great support from Third party accessory manufacturers and app developers so it was all good to me.

Next stop? Blackberry?

So, I therefore conclude that Android is for geeks and IT professionals who can take full advantage of the OS. Apple iOS is for professional who doesn’t have time and for smartphone civillian who just want their phone to do what they expect it to do. and Lastly, Microsoft Windows is for people who likes a good camera and just like to be different from the others:)

The bottom point here is a matter of choice and preference, there is no right or wrong. If you think Windows OS is good for you then go for it.  Afterall, You will not be judged by the smartphone you are using, you will be judged the way you live your life and treat other people.

“To God be the Glory!”

(These are all opinions and experiences)


That’s it pansit!


Scam Telco in Scam Country

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Daily Service

One of the reasons why living in this country is a big scam! I always say “Scam Country – Philippines, you pay for so much tax and you get very little service from the government and if not, you get nothing!”

Now, this big telco is also a scam! You reload your phone to make sure you have something to use for calls and texts to your love ones then all of sudden it will be gone! Tell me if that is not a scam. Let me tell you a little bit of the story here.

I had a prepaid number for many years and  was forced to change it because the issue is not being resolved. Are you familiar with these scam where the telco will tell you that you are using the data when in fact your data toggle is off in your smartphone? That is a big scam! I know that in these present time, everything seems complicated but it is not! It is a simple setting you need to turn off and you are good to go. I called several time and spoke with a representative but still this issue is not being resolved. I was told that data is being used thats why load is diminishing and they also have a free service where they will alert you if data is being used when in the first place, they don’t have to do it if they fix they bs network. And to tell you honestly, the data alert service is not even working. To sum it up, I gave up..I Thought  about it and maybe because I have a dinosaur sim and a 2013 flagship model smartphone. Now I changed my phone to the most recent one from apple and I also changed my sim but it looks like I am getting the same problem here. Look at these photos for reference. I am always connected with our wifi. I reload a card and slept when I wake up it’s GONE! Now tell me what to do with these network? Damn it GLOBE! Get your shit together!



Fast forward to 2018, a couple of years later, same problem exist. GLOBE sim card has been inserted to a basic phone with no internet access at all! You know that basic phone that you can buy cheap as a back up phone and it would be impossible for you to browse the bet on it but still this SCAM TELCO was able to deduct a load from you saying that you are connecting to the internet. This is a complete BS and you feel helpless that you have no other option to change network because they own ALL telco in the scam country. Hopefully, we can have a better service and a new player in terms of providing a service for telecommunication. All we can do is HOPE for a change and fair service.

Philippines: A Big Scam Country

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Emo!

You pay for so much taxes and you gain very little(if not, you gain NOTHING) services from the goverment.



Why would you live healthy and have a dirty lifestyle? Why not choc nut!?

Running is the most common and easiest exercise at least for me, every corner of Metro Manila you would see someone is running (Including snatchers,robbers and gang members). Running became so popular to young ones, adults and even to elderly(young once) because you only need basic knowledge and you are good to go! Seriously, who doesn’t know how to run?(except for person with disabilities of course!All humans are born to run, and the easiest way to see proof of this is to observe the uninhibited, pain-free running of children. However, as we mature and begin to wear shoes on a regular basis, the “natural feel” for running is gradually lost as we spend many hours seated or walking throughout the year -Runnr. IMO It became common for us living in a third world developing country because the only thing you need is a pair of rubber shoes and comfortable shorts then you can already start running every where you want, there are streets, parks and EDSA, your choice!.

Let me share why I became “in” to this renowned exercise. A couple of years ago, I started a program with my office mate being my coach in Muay Thai. He offered it to me for free and still thought about it after all, nothing can beat beer and pizza with cigar on the side. We started doing basics in the office when there was nothing much to do then after that we stepped it up and we did full training outdoors. I hated running because of my smoking history for 15 years so whenever we would start our routine or should I say whenever he asks me to do Muay Thai training on a specific day, I always make sure to be late to skip the running or cardio part so I would just jump to the fun part which is boxing mitts and techniques but it was very apparent and my coach noticed it and eventually it became my punishment so whenever I did wrong or late I would run a couple of miles or even more depending on the schedule. I didn’t get it at first, but eventually I realized that my cardio became a lot better and my smoking habits became minimal so it was Healthy Living after all! Months and years have passed then my training with my coach became so rare that sometimes we wouldn’t meet in a month because of other priorities but we make sure to at least meet twice a month so I thought of something to keep me busy and little did I know that I would just fall to the most hated part of my training which is Running.

Running became part of my exercise routine, aside from it would make me fit and healthy. it also gives me peace of mind. I only run alone with my music with me, everything for me is already perfect and I also haven’t joined any Fun runs or Marathon(at least not yet). I started circling around our vicinity until going home from office to home. Recently I was able to reached 19.7 kilometers so I thought of joining 21km half-marathon to test my knowledge and skills. I became addicted and started research on how to improve my skills in running and gears that would  help me run faster from shoes, shorts and gears. I even joined running clubs (Shout out to Makati Runners Club in Ayala Triangle). Right now, I am in search of a good compression shorts and a good pair of shoes for longer runs. (Suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

At this very moment, I still run and practice Muay Thai. I am still living healthy with all the exercise and work outs I do but I can’t say No to beers, fatty food and Cigarettes because I work at night dealing with so much stress so I badly need it. It is Healthy Living but Dirty Lifestyle (at least I got the first one right which is Living Healthy!)


Things to consider if you’ll start practicing Muay Thai.

*Nothing much you need aside from trust and valor. I just bought a pair of training shorts and hand wraps for 230php in any sports stores. and I was good to go! but for “porma” purposes, I bought Muay Thai shorts, knee support and compression shirt (350baht for MuayThai Shorts and 1.2k php for my compression shirt). Rubber shoes is also needed for your cardio workout and full training outside the gym. and of course a good Muay Thai coach(Kru)

Things to consider if you’ll start running (let’s say you got inspired because of me)

*For jogging and occasional running, any rubber shoes would do-I started running with New balance shoes “na pang porma”. sport shorts, time and Dedication.

*For Serious runners, I would say a good pair of shoes depending on your foot type(Yes! there are 3 types of foot for better running, search for it), Running shorts or Compression shorts/leggings. Dri-Fit shirt(I use heat gear compression long sleeves for weight cut) and lastly hydration bottle and running belts for your iPod/Cellphone.(I use simple hydration bottle because it is compact)

*for street runners, make sure you run with the vehicles approaching and not on your back. defensive running so that you would see vehicles coming at you!



*Mini Review

I used to wear Nike free run 4.0 – Good for porma purposes but not for long runs after 5km.

I shifted to Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – Lightweight but after 10Km I had blisters on my feet so it was not GoRun for me after 10Km but instead it was GoWalk. It was really good for sensitive feet because the amount of cushioning is the best but I am sure there is better out there or maybe I haven’t found the best shoes for me.

I have Nike belt bag and Simple Hydration and so far, it’s good and doing their job right for me but a little pricy.

That’s it! Pansit!

Happy Running and Live Healthy!…….but with Dirty Lifestyle!







Bestman’s Speech

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Daily Service

If you were picked by your friend to be his bestman what would you feel?

Revenge! was the first thing I thought but it was kinda flattering too.

Anyway, Heres a Sample of my speech that would help you out create the best speech to give to your friend’s wedding,(I would suggest, Edit the name appropriately).I was able to collate all the good stuff and clever jokes to add to your speech! enjoy!


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Firstly, on behalf of everyone we would like to congratulate Rj and Pia on their marriage and becoming the new Mr and Mrs Pante, and also thank you to their parents for raising them well.

for those people who dont know me, my name is Jay or Tox whichever you like. I am Rj’s cousin and his enemy after this speech.

I’ve actually looked forward to this moment for a long time. It will be the first time I’ve been able to speak for five minutes in Rj’s presence without being interrupted! Now I am supposed to use this opportunity to recall embarrassing moments to ridicule RJ but he paid me so I got that goin for me which is nice.

so lets skipped the embrassing moments and all ex girlfriends including flings😁

When Rj told me to be his Bestman I was surprised because we werent together growing up and I don’t have much info of their love story but whenever we see each other we make sure to make up for lost days passed us. So I guess I am the best he got now that wont spill the beans and I am probably the cheapest to bribe to not say anything. Lelz.

So then I quickly researched as to what are the duties of the bestman in a wedding. I found nothing in google but Eventually I came across a site that (insert fave pornsite) broadly described the best man duties as being – And I quote:

You must ensure that the groom arrived on time on his wedding, he is safe and is good looking.

atleast I was able to manage the first 2. So 2 out of 3 is not bad at all.
I do have to say how lucky you are RJ because you will leave here having gained a wife that is warm, loving and caring. She is funny, clever, and also good looking. And of course Pia, how lucky you are as well you leave today having gained a gorgeous dress and a lovely bouquet of flowers and you will leave here with these moments.

RJ genuinely is a great friend to have, he’s honest, reliable, kind and I’m sure he’ll make a super husband.  There we go, that’s the nice things that I can say to him so now we can move on with the other side of him. Lelz

Frankly, Rj is quite a perfectionist but he easily changed his mind and undecided some times, when we go out to drink or eat, hes having trouble most of the times, he undecided and often giving the menu to us, well the good news is now that you’re married you’ll never have to make a decision ever again,lelz

he’s also quiet sometimes, a man of few words , and now that he’s married I’m sure that’ll be fewer.

He’s had a few hobbies, besides playing guitar, playing airsoft, billiards, photography, collecting guns, taekwondo, video games, wakeboarding and now he is starting to become a muay thai artist and planning to be a biker, He is such a busy man so I can’t wait for him to have a son to atleast pass some of his hobby to his Future son. Despite the busy schedule he still manage to have a quality time with his daughter kate and now wife Pia.

So now we move onto the toast to the future happiness of the happy couple.  So to Rj and Pia, may your life together bring you happiness, children, more happiness, and more children. Rj, when you hold pia’s hands It should be because of love and not a self defense from her. Genuinely we wish you all the best for your lifelong future as a team! Team Pante! Pante! PANTY! Lets toast for their happiness,more kids and blessed life together.

I was about to say more weddings to come but lets save it for his birthday.

Thank you and God bless us all!

Good Day Call Center Peeps! Level up this time! Food review naman..

I am no expert when it comes to Ramen(though my mom is in japan and not really a complete stranger when it comes to japanese food) and I am not an expert blogger as well but one thing is for sure that i have, “The Tongue of Commoners”. Commoners Tongue that can appreciate a food with its taste and value. I have been in 3 Ramen Houses in Manila and I enjoyed every bit of it especially after my long tiring and stressful graveyard shift. The only reason I have why I am writing this is because my cousin asked me to do it and “magpasikat” din at the same time. I am not writing this article just to impress people but to give tips and value for your money. I will be discussing, reviewing and rating my experience with every Ramen House that I’ve been in no particular order but of course the last one would be the best one:)

This tips are for Call Center People who wanted something new apart from drinking beer every morning after shift. Drinking beer in Ayala Ave with the sun is already mainstream.

It was a lazy morning after shift when i feel like eating noodle soup. i don’t feel eating Instant Lucky Me Noodles as it is already  popular because almost everyday and almost all of us is already fed up with Lucky me Chicken and egg so I wanted to try something else, something that would spice up my morning. Naks! So I Googled Ramen House near me because I’ve heard a lot of things about Ramen and tough guys love Ramen.

1. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Ground Floor, Glorietta 4) Ayala Ave., Makati

Among all the Ramen Houses in Makati, I personally chose Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because of their promo that you can win up to 3000 GC when you post your picture eating their ramen in IG.(another marketing strategy but I was still fooled.haha).

I rated them 3.5 out of 5. My shift ends at 8am MNL, (for some reason I am used to write time with MNL, EST, CT as if MNL has different time e.g. Bicol time 8.01am or Baguio Time 8.15am. Just Saying!). Going back, I went out from the fires of hell (BPO Office) around 8am but this restaurant won’t open until 11am so I needed something to do to kill the time. I went to my previous company CVG 1 Parking to talk to some old friends and smoke my lungs out until 11 am. Finally, It is 9am! hahaha. 2 hours to go! I am sleepy and tired but my perseverance and willingness pushed me so hard just to eat this so called Ramen. I wanted to taste it so bad like a pregnant woman looking for a blue apple. (No offense to pregnant woman looking for that impossible thing). Moving forward. it is 11.13AM and they opened up the store (Definitely Not a Filipino Time).

Finally we were Inside, the waitress approached us with the menu and waited for our order(They are not so pleasing to look at and it feels like they are bored and tired of their job). They have 3 Sizes of Ramen so I asked how big is their large Ramen soup, the waitress walk away and came back with 3 bowls and asked me to choose. (Small, Regular and Large) I chose the Regular also known as Medium. after 7 Minutes, They served our order. Here’s the evidence.


I ordered their Best Seller Kara Miso Ramen for 380php and Tamago for 50php and my partner ordered the other Best Seller Shio Ramen for 380php. I would say It was good! The broth was tasty and pleasant to eat. Medium size bowl is quite big than normal, I should’ve ordered the small bowl instead. It was a good food for me since I was really craving for Ramen. The Pork Belly and other spices really stand out, you can distinguish the different taste of it. my partner didn’t like her Shio Ramen that she ordered or should I say I ordered for her. She said it tasted like an Instant Noodle from a Korean Shop with Veggies. Both of us agreed to disagree with their version of the noodle in their ramen, its like an instant noodle that was added with the tasty bowl of soup. Their place is okay. The Tamago and Gyoza was fine but it is not worth mentioning.

My advice for all Call Center Peeps, try Pares instead..just kidding! it was worth trying but not highly recommendable. and if your end of shift is 11am or closer to that time you can definitely try it out but if not try looking for another Ramen house near you, In my own opinion, their Ramen noodle(it was close to overcooked) should be improved and their people should be trained with better customer service(people from call center knows what I am talking about). 3.5 stars out of 5 for me. Haters gonna Hate and Santouka Lovers gonna Hate me. This is Recommendable to your enemy(one review says there’s a fly on their ramen)..

2. Ramen Nagi (5th floor SM AURA) BGC

They are the Internet’s No. 2 Ramen House but for me They are No.1 until you see the last Ramen House i posted. LOL

According to the other reviews, they should be the number 1 because they outnumbered ramen yushoken when it comes to branches and convenience of going to their restaurant.

Allow me to share you my experience with them, I was on a restday but got a little hangover from the drinking session with my cousin and close friends. browsed for food in the interweb to search for a good heavy breakfast. I saw a post about Ramen Nagi and reviews are great!. I Googled Ramen Nagi and to my delight there is a branch near me, 5 minute-ride or isang sakay lang (if you would rent a cab of course).haha..I took a bath and wore my classic white plain shirt and pambahay slippers. I don’t care what other people would say to me( I was still drunk! ). “Isang gusgusin na bata”

Reached the resto around 10am and I was surprised that they are already open with a handful of people eating. I thought, This Ramen House is something. They greeted me with “oshfashf-sen” I didn’t understand it and as far as I can remember the last syllable is “Sen”..hahahaha. I know it was a greeting. The Ambiance is very good! Very japanese, When I first entered their house, I felt like I am Naruto. It was very Authentic. Very Japanese Themed Ramen House as compared to the other two. a very pleasant waitress approached us with the menu and handed me a japanese pencil and paper (not papel de hapon..hahaha) for my order. I am surprised that you can customized your own Ramen, from the richness of the broth soup until the toppings, choices like heavily garlic or medium, onion leaves or cabbage, and the spiciness level of your food. it was great to customized your own Ramen but there’s also a recommendation from the chef. I went my way and customized my own Ramen with spiciness level 6! (I am a chef in my dreams). I ordered Red Ramen for 410php and gyoza for 120php/150php I don’t remember how much it was because I nearly forgot my name when I tasted their version of Ramen.(or maybe becuase of the customization I did that’s why it was so good!) LOL


Red Ramen is the best so far, from the richness of the broth, tastiness of the soup, their noodles is perfect(though i chose it to be slightly undercooked). The meatball and pork belly was tender, if you put it in your mouth, it melts like a chocolate and the taste is all over your mouth..All I can say is Perfect! 410php is pricey but every cent of it is definitely worth it. They don’t have any sizes, all you get is a huge bowl of good Ramen. Gyoza is also better than the other with all the veggies around it. I would recommend this to all my friends in the BPO industry but let me advice you first not to eat your lunch when you are in the office to fully take advantage of their large bowl of soup. You should be a hungry hippo to finish one bowl of it.(no take out available even the left overs). I rated them 4.4 out of 5 stars. There’s always room for improvement, since they are offering customization, why don’t they try a smaller bowl of soup for a cheaper price;). this is best until 5 days after payday.(people living from paycheck to paycheck will surely understand). Definitely Recommendable to those people working in BGC/Mckinley.

3. Ramen Yushoken (Molito, Alabang)

Most talked about Ramen house and the reigning king of Ramen in the Internet although they only have one branch which is not the that accessible for commoners like me, they still managed to be the king of Ramen. I was lucky to try it out with only a handful of people eating plus my cousin just brought me there to try it out after wake-boarding in Republic Wakepark (Nuvali). Based on their regular customer which is my cousin, people from all over the place really exerting effort just to try their Ramen, people from QC and other far places like Makati. hahahaha(It’s far from me).I was really intrigued as to how their version of Ramen taste like and how would it differ from the other Ramen I tasted so I didn’t hesitate and tried it with my cousin though it was “petsa de peligro”. days


I ordered their version of Tantanmen Ramen as my cousin recommended it to me and gave me a disclaimer that i would forget all the Ramen I have tasted and boy he’s almost right! I nearly forgot all the Ramen I’ve tasted but not completely. (sorry to disappoint you RJ) hahaha. Their Ramen is so good and now I understand why people from all places wanted this so bad. people who are willing to wait until they get a table or fall in line for hours. It was all worth the wait. we went there weekdays and around 4pm-5pm MNL so I was lucky to try it out without the line and the wait. Noodle is perfectly cooked and very tasty, it tasted like it was cooked together with the soup(No need for customization). Richness and Tastiness of the broth was amazingly surprising, It tasted like it was cooked all day to get that taste and when you taste it, your lips will be a bit sticky because of the richness of their soup.(as I am typing this my mouth is watering [tulo-Laway lang] hahaha).The spiciness is not much so i ended up adding more chili oil on it. After all the pain I got from wakeboarding, It was all gone because of their Ramen (not exagerrating). I was already awake for almost 24 hours so my body is already asking me to sleep but If I could just sleep there and when I wake up, eat another Tantanmen ramen I would certainly do that. They are no.1 for a reason. Gyoza is another thing, it was the best! From the wrapper until the inside(palaman) it wasvso flavorful that you can even taste every small bit of it. Their Ramen is great and perfect but as always there’s always room for improvement, like Convenience, it would be better  if they will put another branch somewhere in Makati and QC because Filipino definitely needs to taste their Ramen. Waiting time is also another thing, it took almost 15 minutes to serve our food even though there’s only a handful of people inside their house(as compared to the other ramen houses I’ve tried-average is only 8 minutes waiting time but not a deal breaker).

This is very Recommendable to those peeps who wanted to try how good their Ramen is. especially those Call Center peeps near Molito Alabang, try it after shift and for sure you will not regret it. I rated them 4.7 stars out of 5!


4. Moshi Koshi (Not Really a Ramen House but they serve it so it is here)

I just saw this name keep popping out everywhere and saw that they serve Ramen so we tried it but disappointed, if you are a Ramen eater you won’t appreciate it much because their broth is not as rich as those in Nagi and Yushoken but for a try out food- it’ll be fine. I have tried their version of Tantanmen and damn! I was disappointed because I didn’t taste the creaminess of it, It taste like water with some “instant oil” in it to look like it is a legit ramen. Shoyu and Ramen Miso was for my family and they also didn’t like it as it was an ordinary instant noodles or should I say Korean Instant Noodles is much better, nevertheless their noodles is not that bad because as they claim it, their version of noodle is made right at the store on the same day. Their price is not that pricey which is actually nice. I rated it 2.5 out of 5.


10891704_10203265395864255_560207242495877638_n 1656399_10203265394704226_2415595418534936058_n 1509934_10203265742312916_6008424802038405588_n


5. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen – (SM Aura – BGC)


This Ramen House is not even on my plan. It is just so happen that my kids and I were looking for something that could warm up our tummy so we tried it. The ambiance is fine and cozy, I would say next to Ramen Nagi, It looks like an authentic Japanese restaurant with all the woods and Japanese characters all over the place. Their service is worst and attendants were so lazy and lacks customer service. I have ordered two ramen for me and for my kids but they just served one and thought we would just split one ramen(though my kids couldn’t really finish one whole ramen but I could so we needed two) We ordered 2 Ikkoryu Original Tonkotsu Ramen with tamago and gyoza. Their version of Ramen is okay and nothing fancy. I would say their soup is tasty but not creamy, it didn’t even register on my taste bud that much. 6 pieces Gyoza for 150php is just right and surprisingly good. The pork belly tasted sandty and hard and other ingredients are not even worth mentioning. There is nothing much to say. Just a plain Ramen House and if you badly needed to eat Ramen and other choices are full, this could probably worth a try but don’t expect much. rated 3 stars out of 5.

ika ikk ikkkk ikko



Candy Crush Helper!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Gadgets

Goodnews android users!
Are u having a hardtime playing candy crush saga!? Here’s a tutorial for you that will give you..

150 moves!
99 moves bomb candies!
No tickets!
Updated until level 410.

Follow this religiously..
*first you have to sync or save ur reached level to facebook.
*second is uninstall your candy crush app. Yes uninstall it.
*3rd you have to uninstall facebook app as well
Or if you dont want to uninstall facebook or you can’t uninstall it..

*Go to Setting
Applications Manager
Find “Facebook” app
Disable it.

*after doing all this and install.

*after installing, open the candy crush app and connect it to facebook..(you should have active internet connection of course!)

*log in to facebook inside the candy crush app MOD…then if you are done and facebook is already synced, play it once..then exit the app

*lastly, install or enable again tje facwbook app then log in there as well

Enjoy the game!

Thanks to the original modder of the app.

Swap tayo?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Gadgets, Important and Serious Matters

Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money.

Swap is an act or process of exchanging one thing to another.

I had several items that I swapped, from gadgets, earphones to luxury shades and other things that is not worth a lot of money(Box of my old cellphone worth 250php).

Swapping is like Barter trade before, no money involved but in todays time swapping involves cash because if someone would swap a “not that valuable thing” to a valuable thing they will need to add up some cash to compensate the value of their items. Sometimes the swapee(i’m not sure if such a word really exist) just needs some cash or emergency funds or sometimes they just dont want their item anymore or sometimes maybe bored or they want something better. The swapper always the one that would want to upgrade their gadgets or got some extra cash to level up their gadgets. Popular sites for doing this in the phillipines are and which i both have an account with a positive feedbacks from all my customers/co-swappers.

With the the sites i provided, the most common item that are being swapped are smartphones but of course everything can be swap to other things from clothes to high end gadgets, sometimes you will get an offer to swap their pets to your gadgets which i think is barely legal.(i personally got an offer to swap my smartphone to a pet spider) which i obviously declined. Afterall this is a free country(LOL)

Barter trade is really a good thing because as they say now “money is the root of all evil” so i came to realized that if Barter trade still exist there will be no corruption all over the world especially in the philippines. It would awesome to see “Barter Trading in an Internet era”

I know some one that is really addicted to swapping. om Every other month i would see him with new things or valuables and sometimes i also swap my things with him which is pretty cool i guess. But now i got tired of doing it because i ran out of things to be swapped:) all the things i have now is already perfect for my lifestyle and i also got the secret of it which is enjoyment. When i get bored with my smartphone, what i do now is reseting my phone to factory settings without creating a back up then reinstalling the apps i use to have and tinkering it like it is new. (I find enjoyment doing this) with my other things i usually put it in a box or wrapping it again and opening it to revisit the enjoyment you used to have when you purchased it.

The main point here is contentment, we should be contented to what we have and be contented to all the things we bought in the first place. We initially bought it because that’s what we wanted in the first place but this would be very hard because we all know that humans doesn’t have contentment at all.

So lets swap?

The HTC Butterfly was one of the first smartphones to adopt a 1080p display, and it became pretty popular not only in the Philippines but Internationally. it got stuck with 4.1.2 however,  HTC has been rolling out an update for the device as I type this article.(I believed I am the first in the Philippines as I purchased my device online and it is originally manufactured from taiwan (not Phil.)








Last night (July 9, 2013) I received an update from HTC about 1.39mb and when i read the description it is just a patched to prepare the device to a whooping 551.69mb update of jellybean 4.2.2 and sense 5.0. it took me 3 hours to completely download all the files needed and 15 minutes to restart and reboot the device on its own.

There a lot of new features added on the said updates and it entirely excite the hell of me. Let me tell you the things i like and the things i dislike on the said updates but here are the full changelogs..

Full HTC Butterfly 2.28.709.2 Update Changelog:

-Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 update

-I am more than happy to get the latest Android version as I have now the Jellybean 4.2.2 and to think, i have a better android version than HTC one which is the current HTC flagship for this year which has just the Jellybean 4.1.2.

-Sense 5.0 was great since they completely change everything from sense 4+ so it is a completely new design which i felt a little compressed and cartoon”ish”. The font was changed and also the messaging (if you want the 4+ version where there are bubbles and colors it will not be available, it has color but not the bubbles i enjoyed before) it was just  a straight square which i believe is a Jellybean 4.2.2 feature. There are some changes too in the HTC sense looks Flat and i find it harder as compared to the old one. One thing I also noticed missing was the HTC skin, it is no longer available so you will be stuck in “blue”(i mean the highlight color) this could be better if they retained the old option from sense 4+
-another thing is the color crispness, it looks like it became dull with regard to the color of the looks like pale now although the brightness of my phone is already on its maximum.(i don’t know if it just me or its the reality)



-tabs in sense 5.0 are no longer in the bottom but its already on the top and it is already slideable..which is great!


-HTC Blink Feed integration 

This is a great feature of sense 5.0 and it is so helpful but for me i wont enjoy this feature as I use 3rd launcher application ( NOVA launcher prime ) this could be better if this is just an application that you can open or maybe a widget that you can add to your home screen.

-New lock screen style: Widget 

This is great if the user occasionally customize their phone but i would prefer the NO lock feature which they still have and currently using it.

-Show battery level in status bar 

A minimal addition to the battery which you can have the option to show the percentage of the battery in your notification bar/panel 08

-Add sleep mode option in Power settings 

I guess what they mean about this is just the option to turn off 3G data if the screen is ON and turn it off when the screen is off. I already have this on my juice defender or any battery saving app but it is a great bonus as you dont need to download additional app for that.

-Quick settings panel: 12 default settings by new touch gesture

Another jellybean 4.2.2 update but i like that HTC put on it since it is very classy and very is a great shortcut for toggling your WiFi, data, Bluetooth has 12 toggles that you can customized to whichever you want.

-AE/AF lock feature: Lock Exposure/Focus at viewfinder screen

I haven’t noticed any difference on my camera or maybe i haven’t discover it yet since the update was just last night so i guess I will get back on you on this:)
-Video Highlights: 30 seconds show in 12 different themes

A phenomenal feature of the update. this is with regard to your gallery application where your phone will automatically play a slideshow without choosing any album or events. This would be great if you could turn off the video highlights as I guess it consumes more battery. (probably there is a switch off there that i haven’t discovered yet:). I also thought that this could be the HTC zoe but i was disappointed and HTC confirmed that it will just be for HTC one which is pretty fair for their flagship device.

Music channel: Virtualization with live lyrics

Haven’t tried the feature yet but this is a cool addition to the update.


To sum it all up..there is clearly no complaint about the update but some suggestions maybe considered and I hope this will not be the last update for the HTC butterfly (hoping to get the Keylime pie of course!) so KUDOS to HTC as they updated the butterfly not too late but a little bit behind (expected to be updated couple of months ago) this is based on experience as i had HTC desire HD, HTC evo 3D and HTC sensation XE where they updated it for about a year! 

*this article is just my opinion and nothing to do with the majority of users.


*Tell me your opinions down below!

heres an informal tutorial to make the theme

this is not intended for beginner themers

heres a video:


NOVA launcher settings:

110% for the icon size
width margin is small
height margin is none
uncheck to disable the label icons on homescreen
do not show shadow
grid would be 12×7
hide notification
hide dock bar
1 home screen
overlapping widgets -yes!
color theme – pick what you desire
drawer grid is 6×5
transparency for app drawer is 0
advanced settings…click all the box
heres nova app:

ICON THEME is minimal MIUI – will provide the link to direct download)
heres the icon theme:

Smart status bar – Free from play store
just search for it
4 seconds delay (depends on what you want)

sidebar (Icons provided)
open sidebar settings..
remove the default icons by long pressing it then delete..
click the + sign then choose widget tab then choose your preferred toggle
once done..long press again the icon then change it with the icon provided
heres the app:

zooper widget pro
install the app
will provide you the file for the widgets i created then put it in your sd card(zooper widget folder found in sd card(use file manager)
open the zooper app setting then select the save file…resize it to what you prefer
zooper app:

heres for the file you need to save in sd card under zooperwidget folder

desktop visualizer: save a blank.png on your sd card (will provide too)
to do: long press from home then add widget>choose 1×1 then place it to the camera icon you see in it then select the blank .png then choose the desired app to launch..same thing goes with the galery app and so on…
download app from playstore its free

iphone notifications app: very useful (i use the banner to display notifications-cool app)
to do it..go to the app setting then general settings for the banner alert..make it small and choose the desire app you would want to get notifications.

heres the wallpaper:
edit it to fit in your device
use the nova settings to change it
(if it doesnt fit exactly resize it to your phones resolution.i used 1920×1080 bec htc butterfly is full HD)

for a cool screen off this
screen off app

settings for it..enable the delay for screen off the choose the old tv style
place the icon on your homescreen

i hope it helps!