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Scam Telco in Scam Country

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Daily Service

One of the reasons why living in this country is a big scam! I always say “Scam Country – Philippines, you pay for so much tax and you get very little service from the government and if not, you get nothing!”

Now, this big telco is also a scam! You reload your phone to make sure you have something to use for calls and texts to your love ones then all of sudden it will be gone! Tell me if that is not a scam. Let me tell you a little bit of the story here.

I had a prepaid number for many years and  was forced to change it because the issue is not being resolved. Are you familiar with these scam where the telco will tell you that you are using the data when in fact your data toggle is off in your smartphone? That is a big scam! I know that in these present time, everything seems complicated but it is not! It is a simple setting you need to turn off and you are good to go. I called several time and spoke with a representative but still this issue is not being resolved. I was told that data is being used thats why load is diminishing and they also have a free service where they will alert you if data is being used when in the first place, they don’t have to do it if they fix they bs network. And to tell you honestly, the data alert service is not even working. To sum it up, I gave up..I Thought  about it and maybe because I have a dinosaur sim and a 2013 flagship model smartphone. Now I changed my phone to the most recent one from apple and I also changed my sim but it looks like I am getting the same problem here. Look at these photos for reference. I am always connected with our wifi. I reload a card and slept when I wake up it’s GONE! Now tell me what to do with these network? Damn it GLOBE! Get your shit together!



Fast forward to 2018, a couple of years later, same problem exist. GLOBE sim card has been inserted to a basic phone with no internet access at all! You know that basic phone that you can buy cheap as a back up phone and it would be impossible for you to browse the bet on it but still this SCAM TELCO was able to deduct a load from you saying that you are connecting to the internet. This is a complete BS and you feel helpless that you have no other option to change network because they own ALL telco in the scam country. Hopefully, we can have a better service and a new player in terms of providing a service for telecommunication. All we can do is HOPE for a change and fair service.



Why would you live healthy and have a dirty lifestyle? Why not choc nut!?

Running is the most common and easiest exercise at least for me, every corner of Metro Manila you would see someone is running (Including snatchers,robbers and gang members). Running became so popular to young ones, adults and even to elderly(young once) because you only need basic knowledge and you are good to go! Seriously, who doesn’t know how to run?(except for person with disabilities of course!All humans are born to run, and the easiest way to see proof of this is to observe the uninhibited, pain-free running of children. However, as we mature and begin to wear shoes on a regular basis, the “natural feel” for running is gradually lost as we spend many hours seated or walking throughout the year -Runnr. IMO It became common for us living in a third world developing country because the only thing you need is a pair of rubber shoes and comfortable shorts then you can already start running every where you want, there are streets, parks and EDSA, your choice!.

Let me share why I became “in” to this renowned exercise. A couple of years ago, I started a program with my office mate being my coach in Muay Thai. He offered it to me for free and still thought about it after all, nothing can beat beer and pizza with cigar on the side. We started doing basics in the office when there was nothing much to do then after that we stepped it up and we did full training outdoors. I hated running because of my smoking history for 15 years so whenever we would start our routine or should I say whenever he asks me to do Muay Thai training on a specific day, I always make sure to be late to skip the running or cardio part so I would just jump to the fun part which is boxing mitts and techniques but it was very apparent and my coach noticed it and eventually it became my punishment so whenever I did wrong or late I would run a couple of miles or even more depending on the schedule. I didn’t get it at first, but eventually I realized that my cardio became a lot better and my smoking habits became minimal so it was Healthy Living after all! Months and years have passed then my training with my coach became so rare that sometimes we wouldn’t meet in a month because of other priorities but we make sure to at least meet twice a month so I thought of something to keep me busy and little did I know that I would just fall to the most hated part of my training which is Running.

Running became part of my exercise routine, aside from it would make me fit and healthy. it also gives me peace of mind. I only run alone with my music with me, everything for me is already perfect and I also haven’t joined any Fun runs or Marathon(at least not yet). I started circling around our vicinity until going home from office to home. Recently I was able to reached 19.7 kilometers so I thought of joining 21km half-marathon to test my knowledge and skills. I became addicted and started research on how to improve my skills in running and gears that would  help me run faster from shoes, shorts and gears. I even joined running clubs (Shout out to Makati Runners Club in Ayala Triangle). Right now, I am in search of a good compression shorts and a good pair of shoes for longer runs. (Suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

At this very moment, I still run and practice Muay Thai. I am still living healthy with all the exercise and work outs I do but I can’t say No to beers, fatty food and Cigarettes because I work at night dealing with so much stress so I badly need it. It is Healthy Living but Dirty Lifestyle (at least I got the first one right which is Living Healthy!)


Things to consider if you’ll start practicing Muay Thai.

*Nothing much you need aside from trust and valor. I just bought a pair of training shorts and hand wraps for 230php in any sports stores. and I was good to go! but for “porma” purposes, I bought Muay Thai shorts, knee support and compression shirt (350baht for MuayThai Shorts and 1.2k php for my compression shirt). Rubber shoes is also needed for your cardio workout and full training outside the gym. and of course a good Muay Thai coach(Kru)

Things to consider if you’ll start running (let’s say you got inspired because of me)

*For jogging and occasional running, any rubber shoes would do-I started running with New balance shoes “na pang porma”. sport shorts, time and Dedication.

*For Serious runners, I would say a good pair of shoes depending on your foot type(Yes! there are 3 types of foot for better running, search for it), Running shorts or Compression shorts/leggings. Dri-Fit shirt(I use heat gear compression long sleeves for weight cut) and lastly hydration bottle and running belts for your iPod/Cellphone.(I use simple hydration bottle because it is compact)

*for street runners, make sure you run with the vehicles approaching and not on your back. defensive running so that you would see vehicles coming at you!



*Mini Review

I used to wear Nike free run 4.0 – Good for porma purposes but not for long runs after 5km.

I shifted to Skechers GoRun Ride 2 – Lightweight but after 10Km I had blisters on my feet so it was not GoRun for me after 10Km but instead it was GoWalk. It was really good for sensitive feet because the amount of cushioning is the best but I am sure there is better out there or maybe I haven’t found the best shoes for me.

I have Nike belt bag and Simple Hydration and so far, it’s good and doing their job right for me but a little pricy.

That’s it! Pansit!

Happy Running and Live Healthy!…….but with Dirty Lifestyle!







Bestman’s Speech

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Daily Service

If you were picked by your friend to be his bestman what would you feel?

Revenge! was the first thing I thought but it was kinda flattering too.

Anyway, Heres a Sample of my speech that would help you out create the best speech to give to your friend’s wedding,(I would suggest, Edit the name appropriately).I was able to collate all the good stuff and clever jokes to add to your speech! enjoy!


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Firstly, on behalf of everyone we would like to congratulate Rj and Pia on their marriage and becoming the new Mr and Mrs Pante, and also thank you to their parents for raising them well.

for those people who dont know me, my name is Jay or Tox whichever you like. I am Rj’s cousin and his enemy after this speech.

I’ve actually looked forward to this moment for a long time. It will be the first time I’ve been able to speak for five minutes in Rj’s presence without being interrupted! Now I am supposed to use this opportunity to recall embarrassing moments to ridicule RJ but he paid me so I got that goin for me which is nice.

so lets skipped the embrassing moments and all ex girlfriends including flings😁

When Rj told me to be his Bestman I was surprised because we werent together growing up and I don’t have much info of their love story but whenever we see each other we make sure to make up for lost days passed us. So I guess I am the best he got now that wont spill the beans and I am probably the cheapest to bribe to not say anything. Lelz.

So then I quickly researched as to what are the duties of the bestman in a wedding. I found nothing in google but Eventually I came across a site that (insert fave pornsite) broadly described the best man duties as being – And I quote:

You must ensure that the groom arrived on time on his wedding, he is safe and is good looking.

atleast I was able to manage the first 2. So 2 out of 3 is not bad at all.
I do have to say how lucky you are RJ because you will leave here having gained a wife that is warm, loving and caring. She is funny, clever, and also good looking. And of course Pia, how lucky you are as well you leave today having gained a gorgeous dress and a lovely bouquet of flowers and you will leave here with these moments.

RJ genuinely is a great friend to have, he’s honest, reliable, kind and I’m sure he’ll make a super husband.  There we go, that’s the nice things that I can say to him so now we can move on with the other side of him. Lelz

Frankly, Rj is quite a perfectionist but he easily changed his mind and undecided some times, when we go out to drink or eat, hes having trouble most of the times, he undecided and often giving the menu to us, well the good news is now that you’re married you’ll never have to make a decision ever again,lelz

he’s also quiet sometimes, a man of few words , and now that he’s married I’m sure that’ll be fewer.

He’s had a few hobbies, besides playing guitar, playing airsoft, billiards, photography, collecting guns, taekwondo, video games, wakeboarding and now he is starting to become a muay thai artist and planning to be a biker, He is such a busy man so I can’t wait for him to have a son to atleast pass some of his hobby to his Future son. Despite the busy schedule he still manage to have a quality time with his daughter kate and now wife Pia.

So now we move onto the toast to the future happiness of the happy couple.  So to Rj and Pia, may your life together bring you happiness, children, more happiness, and more children. Rj, when you hold pia’s hands It should be because of love and not a self defense from her. Genuinely we wish you all the best for your lifelong future as a team! Team Pante! Pante! PANTY! Lets toast for their happiness,more kids and blessed life together.

I was about to say more weddings to come but lets save it for his birthday.

Thank you and God bless us all!

Good Day Call Center Peeps! Level up this time! Food review naman..

I am no expert when it comes to Ramen(though my mom is in japan and not really a complete stranger when it comes to japanese food) and I am not an expert blogger as well but one thing is for sure that i have, “The Tongue of Commoners”. Commoners Tongue that can appreciate a food with its taste and value. I have been in 3 Ramen Houses in Manila and I enjoyed every bit of it especially after my long tiring and stressful graveyard shift. The only reason I have why I am writing this is because my cousin asked me to do it and “magpasikat” din at the same time. I am not writing this article just to impress people but to give tips and value for your money. I will be discussing, reviewing and rating my experience with every Ramen House that I’ve been in no particular order but of course the last one would be the best one:)

This tips are for Call Center People who wanted something new apart from drinking beer every morning after shift. Drinking beer in Ayala Ave with the sun is already mainstream.

It was a lazy morning after shift when i feel like eating noodle soup. i don’t feel eating Instant Lucky Me Noodles as it is already  popular because almost everyday and almost all of us is already fed up with Lucky me Chicken and egg so I wanted to try something else, something that would spice up my morning. Naks! So I Googled Ramen House near me because I’ve heard a lot of things about Ramen and tough guys love Ramen.

1. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Ground Floor, Glorietta 4) Ayala Ave., Makati

Among all the Ramen Houses in Makati, I personally chose Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because of their promo that you can win up to 3000 GC when you post your picture eating their ramen in IG.(another marketing strategy but I was still fooled.haha).

I rated them 3.5 out of 5. My shift ends at 8am MNL, (for some reason I am used to write time with MNL, EST, CT as if MNL has different time e.g. Bicol time 8.01am or Baguio Time 8.15am. Just Saying!). Going back, I went out from the fires of hell (BPO Office) around 8am but this restaurant won’t open until 11am so I needed something to do to kill the time. I went to my previous company CVG 1 Parking to talk to some old friends and smoke my lungs out until 11 am. Finally, It is 9am! hahaha. 2 hours to go! I am sleepy and tired but my perseverance and willingness pushed me so hard just to eat this so called Ramen. I wanted to taste it so bad like a pregnant woman looking for a blue apple. (No offense to pregnant woman looking for that impossible thing). Moving forward. it is 11.13AM and they opened up the store (Definitely Not a Filipino Time).

Finally we were Inside, the waitress approached us with the menu and waited for our order(They are not so pleasing to look at and it feels like they are bored and tired of their job). They have 3 Sizes of Ramen so I asked how big is their large Ramen soup, the waitress walk away and came back with 3 bowls and asked me to choose. (Small, Regular and Large) I chose the Regular also known as Medium. after 7 Minutes, They served our order. Here’s the evidence.


I ordered their Best Seller Kara Miso Ramen for 380php and Tamago for 50php and my partner ordered the other Best Seller Shio Ramen for 380php. I would say It was good! The broth was tasty and pleasant to eat. Medium size bowl is quite big than normal, I should’ve ordered the small bowl instead. It was a good food for me since I was really craving for Ramen. The Pork Belly and other spices really stand out, you can distinguish the different taste of it. my partner didn’t like her Shio Ramen that she ordered or should I say I ordered for her. She said it tasted like an Instant Noodle from a Korean Shop with Veggies. Both of us agreed to disagree with their version of the noodle in their ramen, its like an instant noodle that was added with the tasty bowl of soup. Their place is okay. The Tamago and Gyoza was fine but it is not worth mentioning.

My advice for all Call Center Peeps, try Pares instead..just kidding! it was worth trying but not highly recommendable. and if your end of shift is 11am or closer to that time you can definitely try it out but if not try looking for another Ramen house near you, In my own opinion, their Ramen noodle(it was close to overcooked) should be improved and their people should be trained with better customer service(people from call center knows what I am talking about). 3.5 stars out of 5 for me. Haters gonna Hate and Santouka Lovers gonna Hate me. This is Recommendable to your enemy(one review says there’s a fly on their ramen)..

2. Ramen Nagi (5th floor SM AURA) BGC

They are the Internet’s No. 2 Ramen House but for me They are No.1 until you see the last Ramen House i posted. LOL

According to the other reviews, they should be the number 1 because they outnumbered ramen yushoken when it comes to branches and convenience of going to their restaurant.

Allow me to share you my experience with them, I was on a restday but got a little hangover from the drinking session with my cousin and close friends. browsed for food in the interweb to search for a good heavy breakfast. I saw a post about Ramen Nagi and reviews are great!. I Googled Ramen Nagi and to my delight there is a branch near me, 5 minute-ride or isang sakay lang (if you would rent a cab of course).haha..I took a bath and wore my classic white plain shirt and pambahay slippers. I don’t care what other people would say to me( I was still drunk! ). “Isang gusgusin na bata”

Reached the resto around 10am and I was surprised that they are already open with a handful of people eating. I thought, This Ramen House is something. They greeted me with “oshfashf-sen” I didn’t understand it and as far as I can remember the last syllable is “Sen”..hahahaha. I know it was a greeting. The Ambiance is very good! Very japanese, When I first entered their house, I felt like I am Naruto. It was very Authentic. Very Japanese Themed Ramen House as compared to the other two. a very pleasant waitress approached us with the menu and handed me a japanese pencil and paper (not papel de hapon..hahaha) for my order. I am surprised that you can customized your own Ramen, from the richness of the broth soup until the toppings, choices like heavily garlic or medium, onion leaves or cabbage, and the spiciness level of your food. it was great to customized your own Ramen but there’s also a recommendation from the chef. I went my way and customized my own Ramen with spiciness level 6! (I am a chef in my dreams). I ordered Red Ramen for 410php and gyoza for 120php/150php I don’t remember how much it was because I nearly forgot my name when I tasted their version of Ramen.(or maybe becuase of the customization I did that’s why it was so good!) LOL


Red Ramen is the best so far, from the richness of the broth, tastiness of the soup, their noodles is perfect(though i chose it to be slightly undercooked). The meatball and pork belly was tender, if you put it in your mouth, it melts like a chocolate and the taste is all over your mouth..All I can say is Perfect! 410php is pricey but every cent of it is definitely worth it. They don’t have any sizes, all you get is a huge bowl of good Ramen. Gyoza is also better than the other with all the veggies around it. I would recommend this to all my friends in the BPO industry but let me advice you first not to eat your lunch when you are in the office to fully take advantage of their large bowl of soup. You should be a hungry hippo to finish one bowl of it.(no take out available even the left overs). I rated them 4.4 out of 5 stars. There’s always room for improvement, since they are offering customization, why don’t they try a smaller bowl of soup for a cheaper price;). this is best until 5 days after payday.(people living from paycheck to paycheck will surely understand). Definitely Recommendable to those people working in BGC/Mckinley.

3. Ramen Yushoken (Molito, Alabang)

Most talked about Ramen house and the reigning king of Ramen in the Internet although they only have one branch which is not the that accessible for commoners like me, they still managed to be the king of Ramen. I was lucky to try it out with only a handful of people eating plus my cousin just brought me there to try it out after wake-boarding in Republic Wakepark (Nuvali). Based on their regular customer which is my cousin, people from all over the place really exerting effort just to try their Ramen, people from QC and other far places like Makati. hahahaha(It’s far from me).I was really intrigued as to how their version of Ramen taste like and how would it differ from the other Ramen I tasted so I didn’t hesitate and tried it with my cousin though it was “petsa de peligro”. days


I ordered their version of Tantanmen Ramen as my cousin recommended it to me and gave me a disclaimer that i would forget all the Ramen I have tasted and boy he’s almost right! I nearly forgot all the Ramen I’ve tasted but not completely. (sorry to disappoint you RJ) hahaha. Their Ramen is so good and now I understand why people from all places wanted this so bad. people who are willing to wait until they get a table or fall in line for hours. It was all worth the wait. we went there weekdays and around 4pm-5pm MNL so I was lucky to try it out without the line and the wait. Noodle is perfectly cooked and very tasty, it tasted like it was cooked together with the soup(No need for customization). Richness and Tastiness of the broth was amazingly surprising, It tasted like it was cooked all day to get that taste and when you taste it, your lips will be a bit sticky because of the richness of their soup.(as I am typing this my mouth is watering [tulo-Laway lang] hahaha).The spiciness is not much so i ended up adding more chili oil on it. After all the pain I got from wakeboarding, It was all gone because of their Ramen (not exagerrating). I was already awake for almost 24 hours so my body is already asking me to sleep but If I could just sleep there and when I wake up, eat another Tantanmen ramen I would certainly do that. They are no.1 for a reason. Gyoza is another thing, it was the best! From the wrapper until the inside(palaman) it wasvso flavorful that you can even taste every small bit of it. Their Ramen is great and perfect but as always there’s always room for improvement, like Convenience, it would be better  if they will put another branch somewhere in Makati and QC because Filipino definitely needs to taste their Ramen. Waiting time is also another thing, it took almost 15 minutes to serve our food even though there’s only a handful of people inside their house(as compared to the other ramen houses I’ve tried-average is only 8 minutes waiting time but not a deal breaker).

This is very Recommendable to those peeps who wanted to try how good their Ramen is. especially those Call Center peeps near Molito Alabang, try it after shift and for sure you will not regret it. I rated them 4.7 stars out of 5!


4. Moshi Koshi (Not Really a Ramen House but they serve it so it is here)

I just saw this name keep popping out everywhere and saw that they serve Ramen so we tried it but disappointed, if you are a Ramen eater you won’t appreciate it much because their broth is not as rich as those in Nagi and Yushoken but for a try out food- it’ll be fine. I have tried their version of Tantanmen and damn! I was disappointed because I didn’t taste the creaminess of it, It taste like water with some “instant oil” in it to look like it is a legit ramen. Shoyu and Ramen Miso was for my family and they also didn’t like it as it was an ordinary instant noodles or should I say Korean Instant Noodles is much better, nevertheless their noodles is not that bad because as they claim it, their version of noodle is made right at the store on the same day. Their price is not that pricey which is actually nice. I rated it 2.5 out of 5.


10891704_10203265395864255_560207242495877638_n 1656399_10203265394704226_2415595418534936058_n 1509934_10203265742312916_6008424802038405588_n


5. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen – (SM Aura – BGC)


This Ramen House is not even on my plan. It is just so happen that my kids and I were looking for something that could warm up our tummy so we tried it. The ambiance is fine and cozy, I would say next to Ramen Nagi, It looks like an authentic Japanese restaurant with all the woods and Japanese characters all over the place. Their service is worst and attendants were so lazy and lacks customer service. I have ordered two ramen for me and for my kids but they just served one and thought we would just split one ramen(though my kids couldn’t really finish one whole ramen but I could so we needed two) We ordered 2 Ikkoryu Original Tonkotsu Ramen with tamago and gyoza. Their version of Ramen is okay and nothing fancy. I would say their soup is tasty but not creamy, it didn’t even register on my taste bud that much. 6 pieces Gyoza for 150php is just right and surprisingly good. The pork belly tasted sandty and hard and other ingredients are not even worth mentioning. There is nothing much to say. Just a plain Ramen House and if you badly needed to eat Ramen and other choices are full, this could probably worth a try but don’t expect much. rated 3 stars out of 5.

ika ikk ikkkk ikko



heres an informal tutorial to make the theme

this is not intended for beginner themers

heres a video:


NOVA launcher settings:

110% for the icon size
width margin is small
height margin is none
uncheck to disable the label icons on homescreen
do not show shadow
grid would be 12×7
hide notification
hide dock bar
1 home screen
overlapping widgets -yes!
color theme – pick what you desire
drawer grid is 6×5
transparency for app drawer is 0
advanced settings…click all the box
heres nova app:

ICON THEME is minimal MIUI – will provide the link to direct download)
heres the icon theme:

Smart status bar – Free from play store
just search for it
4 seconds delay (depends on what you want)

sidebar (Icons provided)
open sidebar settings..
remove the default icons by long pressing it then delete..
click the + sign then choose widget tab then choose your preferred toggle
once done..long press again the icon then change it with the icon provided
heres the app:

zooper widget pro
install the app
will provide you the file for the widgets i created then put it in your sd card(zooper widget folder found in sd card(use file manager)
open the zooper app setting then select the save file…resize it to what you prefer
zooper app:

heres for the file you need to save in sd card under zooperwidget folder

desktop visualizer: save a blank.png on your sd card (will provide too)
to do: long press from home then add widget>choose 1×1 then place it to the camera icon you see in it then select the blank .png then choose the desired app to launch..same thing goes with the galery app and so on…
download app from playstore its free

iphone notifications app: very useful (i use the banner to display notifications-cool app)
to do it..go to the app setting then general settings for the banner alert..make it small and choose the desire app you would want to get notifications.

heres the wallpaper:
edit it to fit in your device
use the nova settings to change it
(if it doesnt fit exactly resize it to your phones resolution.i used 1920×1080 bec htc butterfly is full HD)

for a cool screen off this
screen off app

settings for it..enable the delay for screen off the choose the old tv style
place the icon on your homescreen

i hope it helps!




Posted: July 4, 2011 in Daily Service

ano ba ang pampublikong sasakyan ang paborito mo?


habal habal? (motorsiklo na walang sidecar)



kuliglig? (ipinagbawal na ito saka sa baclaran o quiapo lang ata meron nito.)



o kaya naman ay TREN (MRT/LRT)?

kahit anu pa man yan ay nagiging walang kwenta kung sing-dami ng tao ang bubulaga sayo at sobrang trapik ang sasalubong sayo! ito ang aking karanasan sa paguwi ko dito galing sa bulacan..

napakagandang umaga ang bumulaga sa aking araw..kasama ang dalawa kong anak at ang aking magaling na asawa…
alas sais palang ng umaga ay gising na kaming magpapamilya..agad akong binigyan ng kape ni daisy habang nilalaro at ine-enjoy ko ang mga huling sandali na magkakasama kami ng anak ko…

tugudugutugudutug..tugudog..dugdug.. (alarm ng cellphone ko para ipaalala sa akin na kelangan ko ng umalis at mag asikaso para sa aking trabaho)

alas sais y medya ng magsimulang umiyak ang aking panganay sa aking pag alis at habang nag aabang kami ng bus sa harapan ng aming bahay sa bulacan ay hawak hawak ako sa kamay at hinihila papasok ng bahay…

“ayoko” ayoko” ang sabi ni marley…masakit man sa aking damdamin na iwanan ang aking mga anak ay kelangan kong gawin at kelangan ko mag hanap buhay para sa kapakanan din nila..(exponentially naks! parang mag sa-saudi lang ah)..

masakit sa aking damdamin ang pagsakay ko sa bus ng “baliwag transit, inc.” bukod sa iniisip ko ang pagpasok ko sa opisina ay kasabay din nito ang pagkawasak ng aking puso habang tinitingnan ang mga anak kong nag iiyakan…hindi ko na matiis kaya ibinaling ko nalang ang aking tingin sa loob ng bus na sinasakyan ko…ipinikit ang aking mga mata at ang huling namalayan ko ay nasa quezon avenue na ako…ang bilis ng biyahe..alas otso ng makarating ako sa “GMA station” ng MRT..bumaba ako at ng dahil hindi ako nag almusal ay kumakalam na ang sikmura ko..nagwawala na ang mga bulateng inaalagaan ko..agad din naman akong pumila sa bilihan ng ticket at pumasok sa istasyon ng tren..

agad kong ikinagulat ang aking nakita..siksikan sa buong platform ng istasyon ng tren..isang istasyon na hindi mo na mahulugan ng karayom..sobrang dami ng tao.tumingin ako sa labas at tinatanaw ko ang edsa..hindi na gumagalaw kaya siguro jumpack ang mga tao dito sa istasyon ng tren..wala na akong pinalampas na mga sandali at konti nalang siguro ay magigiba na ang istasyon ng tren dito sa may GMA-KAMUNING…siksik dito at siksik doon..maraming drama..maraming kwento..
isang babaeng naka itim ang tumawag ng aking pansin sa hindi kalayuan..nadukutan daw sabi ng mga pulis na naka antabay sa nasabing lugar pero agad din naming nawaglit sa isipang ko ng may dumating na tren..banggaan, tulakan at siksikan..sari saring hininga..amoy sigarilyo..amoy tuyo at kung anu anong amoy ng almusal nila kanina…anu pa nga bang inirereklamo ko eh nasa public transpo ako!

amoy pawis..kahit mga bagong ligo at magaganda ang kasuotan ay nanglilimahid sa pawis dala ng sobrang init at sa sobrang sa hula ko lang, ganun na ang magiging amoy nila maghapon hanggang sa mag si uwian ko ulit sila at sumakay ulit ng tren.
Walang tigil na tulakan at banggaan..
naipit ang aking tiyan..naipit ang aking mga dala..ang laruan ni bob..ang spam lite na binili ko na aking almusal sana ay nayupi sa sobrang lakas ng pwersa ng tulakan…ganyan ka tindi ang pwersa ng mga taong mahuhuli na sa kani-kanilang mga trabaho..
mag dadalawang oras na rin ng ako’y magsimulang makipag pwersahan sa mga tao..wala halos nakakasakay sa mga tren kasi sa unang istasyon palng sa NORTH AVENUE ay punuan na ang mga ito..mga dalawa hanggang tatlo nalang ang naisisiksik ng mga tao papasok ng tren at swerte pa kung mga lima ang aming maipwersa papasok ng nasabing pampublikong sasakyan…animoy isinisiksik na labada sa isang washing machine o kaya naman parang isang basura na pilit isinisiksik sa maliit na butas ng iyong bahay..kulang na kulang ang tren at yung boses na nagpapaalala sa mga pasahero ay mainit na rin ata ang ulo…napaka gulo..pero sa kabila nito meron din naming namuongg pagkakaibigan, kwentuhan at palitan ng mga opinyon pero pagdating ng tren ay galit galit muna sabay tulakan at banggaan ulit hanggang makasakay ka at makaalis sa mala impiyernong lugar na ito..

sinuwerte yata ako ng maitulak ako papasok ng tren at hindi ko na namalayan na nasa loob na pala ako ng sasakyan..agad kong tiningnan ang mga gamit ko..ang bag ko na may lamang damit..pagkain at laruan ng aking bunso..ang pitaka ko na may laman na pero..(hindi ko na sasabihin ang laman pero mga apat na libo lang naman)..

gusto mo bang makita talaga kung anu ang tunay na nangyari? panoorin mo nalang ito kasi malapit sa sitwasyon nito ang nangyari sa akin kanina…mas malala pa yata!

alas nuwebe bente uno ng ako ay makasakay na sa tren (tiningnan ko talga ang orasan bago umalis ang tren)…kung ikukumpara mo ang aking naging karanasan itoang maihahalintulad mo sa piyesta ng nazareno sa quiapo o kaya naman ang penafrancia sa naga nag sisiksikan para makalapit lang sa poon o sa isang rebulto na nagpapagaling daw kuno pero dito ang tren ang kanilang panginoon..nagnanais na makalapit para makasakay at makarating sa aming mga paroroonan…
sa isip ko lang mas maluwag pa ang loob ng sardinas dito at parang mas gugustuhin mo pa sa loob ng sardinas kasi hindi ka masasaktan kasi may sarsa at kahit sipa sipain ka pa ng mga bata patungo sa iyong paroroonan ay ayos lang atleast ay maluwag ka…

kung akala mo ay natapos na ang ang aking paghihirap ay nagkakamali ka..habang nasa loob ako ng tren sari saring pawis ang nararamdaman ko at wag na wag mo ng itanong kung anu ang mga amoy nito kasi sobrang nakakasuka..mga pawis,anghit at mga pabangong naging alimuog na sa sobrang kulob ng lugar…
nangangawit na ang aking mga paa at mga kamay sa pagtukod sa mga taong gumagalaw kasi sa sobrang sikip ay swerte mo na kung makakapunas kapa ng pawis mo sa mukha…kasabay nito ang patuloy na siksikan sa kada istasyon na daanan ng tren, parehong pareho ang mga sitwasyon..kelangan makipagsiksikan para lang makasakay…maliban lang sa shaw at boni na hindi sa side ko ang bumubukas na pinto..

nanghihina nako..gusto ko ng sumuko…parang gusto kong sumigaw ng “BOMBA!” para mag si alisan ang mga tao at lumuwag luwag naman ang paligid ko..nangangalay na ang buong katawan ko para may nakikita na kong liwanag, gusto ko ng sumama sa ilaw na nakikita ko ng bigla kong narinig na..

“GUADALUPE STATION..GUADALUPE STATION…please take care of your belongings…(ingatan ang mga gamit at mag ingat sa mga mandurukot)”..

Nakababa na ako ng killer tren pero kelangan ko namang umakyat ng hagdan..gusto ko sanang mag elevator pero ng makita ko ang mga kumag na nag uunahan at wala namang mga kapansanan ay nagpaubaya nalang ako..kelangan kong umakyat ng hagdan na may taas din yatang limampung baitang..marami pa akong nakasabay na mga matatanda na karapat dapat na mag elevator pero mas pinili na rin lang nilangn mag hagdan kesa makipag unahan pa sa mga bruskong lalake at babae sa elevator…pagkababa ko sa istasyon nanglalambot na ang aking mga binti at katawan..ang gutom ko ay sagad sagaran na..para bang gasolina ng sasakyan na pati yung “reserve“ ay nasaid na…nakakita akong ng isang turo turong karinderya at bumili nalang ako ng aking pagkain sa tanghalian kasi parang hindi ko na kayang lutuin yung spam na yupi na dala ko na gagamitin ko sana sa aking almusal pero nalipasan na ako..yung laruan ni bob na R/C chopper ay nayupi na rin..iniisip ko rin ang aking karanasan kanina habang nakikipagtulakan,banggaan at siksikan sa mga tao…grabe ang araw kong ito..napakatindi..pero isang pila pa ang hinintay ko bago ako tuluyang nakasakay ng dyip para makauwi sa aming bahay..bumaba sa dyip..naglakad patungo sa aming bahay at sa wakas nakarating din akong matiwasay at buhay sa aming bahay..nahiga ako at nagpahinga habang iniisip ang mga susunod na gagawin..iniisip ko kung maliligo, kakain o mag aayus ng gamit ba ang uunahin ko pero hindi na kaya ng katawan ko kaya nahiga higa nalang muna ako hanggang mawala ang mga naiisipan kong kasipagan…

sa dami ng pawis na nailabas ko kanina at sa gutom ko ay hindi ko na naisipan na mag ehersisyo na araw araw kong ginagawa para mapaliit ang katawan ko at para maipakita ang abs sa tiyan ko…boundary na ang ehersisyo na natamo ko sa pagsakay palang ng tren kaya siguro naman ay tuloy tuloy pa rin ang pagliit ng tiyan ko..para akong naglaro ng basketbol kanina sa sobrang pawis na nabawas sa katawan ko pero ayus lang naman ang importante eh nakauwi pa rin ako ng matiwasay kahit bugbog sarado ako ng parang animo’y nakipaglaban sa isang MMA fight (mixed martial arts katulad ng ufc)….

habang nag iipon ulit ako ng lakas para pumasok sa opisina ay kumain muna ako ng binili kong pagkain at pagkatapos ay nag ayos ng gamit at nagbihis papuntang opisina..isang panibagong paglalakbay ulit

isang panibagong paglalakbay nanaman sa ating napaka gandang public transportation!

global WARNING!!!

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Daily Service

kamusta ka na? ilang linggo na rin ng mawalay tayo sa isa’t isa masyadong nagiging busy ang inyong ka tropa..o siguro aaminin ko na, walang akong maisip na maisusulat bukod sa ‘routine” ko patungo sa aking trabaho…pero gayunpaman ay magsusulat parin ako..bahala na kayo kung papatol kayo o babasahin nyo ito…

isang malamig na umaga ang bumulaga sa akin sa aking pag gising..masarap ang tulog at masrap din ang gising..agad akong bumaba para makapag hilamos at makapag sipilyo (alam kong bisyo lang paghihilamos at pagsisipilyo kaya ang sama sama ko, ang dami kong bisyo)…naghanap ako ng makakain at pandesal lang ang nakita ko sa aming hapag kainan pero ng dahil sa “diet” ako ay hindi nalang ako kumain at uminum nalang ng maligamgam na tubig pagkatapos kong mag ehersisyo (seryoso ginagawa ko ito)…isa ring dahilan kung bakit wala akong gana kumain kasi masakit ang aking lalamunan, sa hindi malaman na dahilan, hindi ko alam kung sipon nga ba ang dahilan o namamaga talaga ang aking “tonsil” sa lalamunan..ang sakit sobra lalo na kapag lumulunok ako ( alam kong walang naniniwala sa akin kasi ang iniisip nila ay pepetiks lang ako sa aming trabaho pero seryoso po ako kahit hindi halata sa mukha )..agad akong naligo, nagbihis at umalis…nakarating sa opis ng eksakto sa oras na itinakda.

para akong lalaganatin, ang sama ng pakiramdam ko, para gusto ko lang humilata sa baha mag damag pero kelangan magtrabaho para sa mga anak ko…parang lalagnatin kasi hindi pa naman sigurado kung may lagnat talaga kung parang lalagnatin ako dapat bakong uminum ng parang gamot na mabibili sa parang botika para parang gumaling na ako? ang gulo..wala akong magagawa hindi talaga kaya ng katawan ko sabi ng utak ko..kelangan kong magpahinga at magliban muna sa trabaho..siguro kasi sobrang pagod kami ng mga ka-grupo ko sa aming trabaho..napaka “workaholic” kasi e..lalong lalo na si VANESSA LAWAS (aking ka-grupo) na pati daw sa pagtulog ay napapanaginipan nya ang kanyang trabaho..kahit daw sa kanyang bakasyon o “day-off” ay hindi mawaglit sa kanyang isipan ang pag ta-trabaho..huwaran ka talga vanessa..saludo ako sa’yo!

isa rin sigurong dahilan kung bakit uso ang sakit ngayon lalo na ang sipon at ubo ay dahil na din sa pabago bagong panahon..minsan sobrang init na parang nililitson ka kapag nagbilad ka o kaya naman malamig na sobrang lamig o kaya naman maulan, na sobrang lakas naman kaya ang pagbaha sa maynila ay hindi na maiwasan, ang dami daming problema ng mundo, parusa na kaya ito ng DIYOS sa mga tao?
(ayaw kong bigyan tuon ang bagay na yan kasi sobrang hahaba ang aking kwento kung ikkwento ko ang mga iyan kasi pilipinas palang ay mapupuno na ang “page” ko kung ililista ko ang mga problema ng mga pilipino sa pulitiko)..tulad ng sabi ko..ang bilis magbago ng panahon..pwede pang gawin combo ito kasi kahapon lang ay sobrang init sa tanghali sa pagpasok ko at pagbaba ko sa sinasakyan ko ay bigla naman umulan ng malakas kaya nabasa po ako at ang dahilan ng sakit ko siguro..

“The global warming potential (GWP) depends on both the efficiency of the molecule as a greenhouse gas and its atmospheric lifetime. GWP is measured relative to the same mass of CO2 and evaluated for a specific timescale. Thus, if a gas has a high radiative forcing but also a short lifetime, it will have a large GWP on a 20 year scale but a small one on a 100 year scale. Conversely, if a molecule has a longer atmospheric lifetime than CO2 its GWP will increase with the timescale considered.”

sa tingin mo naintindihan ko? at kahit kung anu pa man ang dahilan niyan ay bahala na kayo at kung gusto nyo magkadagdag kaalaman ay magbasa nalang kayo sa tingin ko gumagawa naman tayo ng paraan para maiwasan ang global warming dito sa mundo..katulad ng “earth hour” diba na kung saan ay kelangan natin magpatay ng mga ilaw ng isang oras o mahigit pa para makatipid sa kuryente at makatipid sa pagbuga ng mga usok ng planta na gumagawa ng kung merong “earth hour” bakit hindi tayo magkaroon ng “wind hour”? wind hour na kung saan kelangan nating magtipid ng hangin sa pamamagitan ng pagpigil ng hininga ng isang oras o mahigit pa para maiba naman tayo sa ibang bansa..isulong natin ito sa senado..kaya kung ako sayo titipidin ko na ang pag konsumo ng “oxygen” at tipidin mo na rin ang pagbuga ng “carbon dioxide”..

mabalik tayo sa aking pang arawan na kwento..andito parin ako sa opis at masama pa rin ang pakiramdam ko..tahimik habang pinakikinggan ang aking mga ka grupo na nag kkwentuhan at siyempre si van ay nag tatrabaho nanaman..kelangan ko ng magpaalam at kelangan ko na rin magpahinga sa clinic ng aming opisina kasama yung nars na maganda..

lagi lang pakakatandaan na walang gamot sa katangahan..magdala ng payong kahit umaraw man o umulan..

paalam langgam!


Posted: June 10, 2011 in Daily Service

isang napakalaking pagbabago ang magaganap..
ako ay magpapaalam na..
maraming salamat sa lahat..
hinding hindi ko kayo makakalimutan..

lunes ng umaga ng maganap ang napakalaking pagbabago sa utak ko..hindi ko ba alam kung bakit ko naisipan ang mga bagay bagay na iyan..basta desidido ako na gawin ang nais ko..ala-una y medya ng ako ay pumasok sa opis..tahimik..isa lang ang nasa isip..naglalaway..tinitiis..nauulol..waaaaaaaah!.parang hindi ko kaya!..hindi ko kayang hindi mag yosi..pero sabi naman ng magaling kong asawang rehistradong nars eh hindi naman daw pabigla bigla dapat..dapat paunti unti..mula sa isang kaha dapat maging kalahating kaha nalang ng sigarilyo ang maubos ko at mula sa kalahati ay limang stick nalang at mula sa limang stick ay dalawa’t kalahati nalang..hanggang sa mawala na ang aking pagkasabik sa paninigarilyo..
mag iisang linggo na rin o sabihin na naten limang araw na rin, na hindi ko pa nauubos ang isang kahang sigarilyo na nabili ko noong lunes ng hapon..parang matagumpay naman..hindi ko naman masyadong hinhanap at hindi naman ako masyadong nauulol para makapag sigarilyo lamang..siguro nagtataka ang ilan sainyo kung bakit ko biglang ititigil ang paninigarilyo..pasensya na po kayo kasi maging ako ay naguguluhan din kung bakit ako hihinto sa paninigarilyo..basta lang ba naisipan kong itigil ito..saka medyo napapadalas din kasi ang pagsakit ng tiyan ko dahil sa STRESS ULCER ko at sa pagdami masyado ng ACID sa katawan ko..ang payo ng doktor dati ay itigil ko ang paninigarilyo para mawala ito siguro mag dadalawang taon na rin ng sabihin ng doktor ito pero ngayon ko lang naisip na tama pala siya..atleast hindi pa huli ang lahat…may kasabihan nga tayong..

“it’s better LATE than PREGNANT” o di kaya naman “it’s BETTER late than LATER” diba!?

siguro yan nalang ang dahilan ko kung bakit ako titigil sa paninigarilyo kasi sumasakit na ang tiyan ko dahil sa mga asido na gawa ng paninigarilyo..gusto ko na rin sigurong mamuhay ng bang
“healthy living and dirty lifestyle”
Isa rin sa mga ititgil ko ay ang ALAK..isa pa ito..isa ring sanhi kung bakit ganito ang tiyan ko..puro nalang alak naman ay wala ako masyadong problema..kayang kayang hindi umiinum ng alak para naging totoo ang mga sabi ko sa doktor na occasionally lang ako umiinum ng alak pero dati ay puro kasinungalingan lang ang pagsabing occasionally lang ako lumalaklak kasi maniwala ka sa hindi e ayaw ko na yatang walang alkohol sa katawan ko eh..pero ang importante ay nagbago na ako..hindi na ako alcoholic pero naging sobrang acidic naman ang tiyan ko..kaya mas mapapadali ata ang pagbabago ko nito kung isasabay ko na rin ibaon sa limot ang pag yoyosi pero alam ko naman sa sarili ko na pwedeng pwede ko itong balikan kung gugustuhin ko lang..
naalala ko ang sabi sakin ng asawa ko dati..
Asawa ko: ”itigil mo na ang mga bisyo mo,yung paninigarilyo at pag iinum mo!”
Ako: “bakit!?”..
Asawa ko: “kasi ang daddy ko nga walang ka bisyo bisyo..”
Ako: “eh nasaan ba ang daddy mo..?”
Asawa ko: “namatay na..”
Ako: “huh!? gusto mo rin ba akong mamatay na?”…
Nakakatakot naman pala kung mawala na lahat ng bisyo ko..parang ako ay susunod na..parang gusto ko yata magbago ng kwento dito..parang ayoko nalang itigil ang mga bisyo ko..

Sa kabila ng mga naiisip kong kakila-kilabot, kagila-gilalas ay meron pang isang sobrang nakakamangha na gagawin ko sa sarili ko…naisip ko lang din kasi na kung hindi na ako maninigarilyo at hindi na ako iinum ng alkohol ay meron na akong oras para magpapalaki ng mga muscle at magkaroon ng abs sa katawan ko..tama po ang nabasa niyo..seryoso nga ako..bakit at bakit hindi!?..
Nais ko lang pong linawin na gusto kong magpaganda ng katawan kasi gusto ko ito para sa sarili ko at wala po akong babae o kung sinu man na gusto ko lang pormahan(sana mabasa ito ng asawa ko)..pinag awayan pa namin yan, eh gusto ko lang naman magpaganda ng katawan…gusto ko lang magpaganda ng katawan para sa sarili ko lamang at hinding hindi kung sinu pa man o anu pa man na kadahilan..peksman..suman..batman..spiderman..tayuman..kailanman ( sa show ni papa jack yan )

Magpapaganda ako ng katawan para sarili ko..ayoko naman ng sobrang macho..ang gusto ko lang naman ay mag ka-hubog ang katawan ko..ayoko lang naman na may nakikitang akong sobrang taba at laman sa panglabas na anyo ng tiyan ko..ako din naman kasi ang nahihirapan..desidido na ako..ayoko ng mahirapan yumuko para mag medyas at magsapatos kasi naiipit ang aking tiyan..ayoko ng himasin ang aking tiyan pagkatapos kumain..ayoko ng magkaroon ng parang table kapag nagkakape ako sa umaga..ayoko ng mahirapan gumalaw..ayoko ng mahirapan umakyat sa hagdan..kung tutuusin ay hindi naman kalakihan ang aking tiyan at ito diba ang basehan ng pagiging tunay na lalake katulad nila fernando poe jr, daboy, at jinggoy..pero ayoko naman kasing dumating sa puntong hindi ko na kayang alagaan ang aking katawan..ayoko ng lumaki pa ang aking tiyan, yung tipong hindi mo na makikita ang iyong pag aARI sa sobrang kalakihan ng tiyan mo..paanu ko na makikita ang “tooooot” ko kung napakalaki na ng aking tiyan?..kaya naman ngayon palang ay sisimulan ko ng alisin ang sobrang balat sa aking tiyan at ipakita sa lahat na may anim na pandesal rin ako sa katawan.
Seryoso po ako..pustahan tayo..?
Tumingin tingin na ako ng mga gym sa makati na pwedeng enrollan para naman masimulan ko na ang aking pag eehersisyo. Nanjan ang gold’s gym, fitness first at kung anu anu pa pero parang gusto ko yata haluan ito ng konting martial arts katulad ng boxing, muay thai o kaya naman ay jiu jitsu kaya isa lang ang napili punch out ako..mag boboxing ako habang nagpapaliit ng tiyan..seryoso na ako dito..bigyan mo ako ng tatlong buwan..laban!

(..gusto ko lang isingit na sa pagpapaganda ng aking katawan ay meron mga parang demonyo na parang sinsadya ang mga ito
nanjan ang MAX’s chicken all you can at gig ng FRANCO band na idol ko…tsk tsk sayang parang gusto ko ng talikuran ang pagpapaganda ng katawan..waaah!)

Kaya eto lang ang masasabi ko..paalam na sigarilyo.. paalam na alkohol.. paalam na carbohydrates.. paalam na EXTRA RICE!..paalam na sainyo..paalam na bantay..paalam na aling tekya..paalam na softdrinks.. paalam na sa mga pagkaing nakakataba…paalam na sainyong lahat….paalam na rin sa pusang laging kaaway ko(laging nagkakalat sa kusina namein ito)..paalam na sa lahat at higit sa lahat paaalam na sa sobrang taba at balat sa tiyan ko!!!

At kung ayaw mong maniwala at para narin ipakita ko sainyo kung gaanu ako ka-seryoso sa pagpapaganda ng katawan ko ay mabuti pang panuurin nyo ito…

eto pa….bicycle abs exercise…

sabi nila ang pilipino ay tunay na bang paulit ulit..sabi nila ang pilipino ay tunay na bang paulit ulit..sabi nila ang pilipino ay tunay na bang paulit ulit..sabi nila ang pilipino ay tunay na bang paulit ulit..sabi nila ang pilipino ay tunay na bang paulit ulit..isa rin ito kung bakit nagkakagulo ang ating lipunan sa mga tanong na hindi masyadong pinag iisipan..ngayon ay meron akong tunay na kwento at base sa karanasan ko sa pagkain ko ng pares kagabi..

alas otso y medya ng gabi ng ako ay mag “lunch break” sa opisina..(hindi mo maiintindihan kung bakit lunch break ang tawag namin sa hapunan kung hindi ka kol senter eyjent)..tumingin tingin ako sa aming “pantry” para mag hapunan(para lubos mong maintindihan kung hindi ka kabilang sa bihirang trabaho dito-ang kol senter)…

*ang salitang pantry ay ang katumbas lang din ng isang canteen

wala akong natipuhan..bumaba ako at naghanap ng makakainan..marami sanang pagpipilian..nandyan ang mcdonalds, jollibee, mang inasal, brother’s burger at max’s restoran..pero wala akong balak kainan sa mga iyan..ang natitipuhan ng mga alaga ko ay ang pares sa may may kanto ng dela rosa..bagamat malayo ito ay pinagtiygaan kong lakarin ito kasi yun ang gusto kong kainan..bukod sa mura na..madumi pa..kaya saan kapa? kain na!

nakarating ako sa aking patutunguhan…umorder ako ng isang pares na may balat ng kasama..masarap na ang kain ko habang nakatayo ng meron akong napansin na isang hindi naman kagandahan na babae at sa tantsa ko ay isa rin kol senter eyjent na mag lulunch doon sa paresan..

ateng hindi kagandahan: kuya pabili nga ng isang pares

si kuyang tindero ng pares: pares ma’am?

ateng hindi kagandahan: hindi kuya..isang cheeseburger nga.

si kuyang tindero ng pares: napakamot ng ulo…

*kaming kumakain ng pares ay nagtawanan nalang..

si kuyang tindero ng pares: ma’am anu po ba talaga? kakain ba kayo?

ateng hindi kagandahan: siyempre kuya kaya nga ako nandito..

kung tutuusin napaka pilosopo ni ateng hindi kagandahan pero may kasalanan din naman si kuyang nagtitinda sa paresan..ay naku..ewan ko sainyo..makukulit talaga ang mga pilipino…at eto pa ang isang bidyo ng mga tanong na hindi masyadong pinag iisipan..

pakinggan mo nalang ang aking pagsasayaw….

BOMBAY daw ako!?..

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hello marshmallow!

Isang masayang umaga ang bumulaga sa akin sa araw na ito..hindi kasi masyadong mainit ngayon si haring araw kasi natatakpan siya ng mga ulap ulan na dala ng bagyong si chedeng..alas diyes ng umaga ng ako ay magising sa tunog na aking naririnig..♪♫tu du du to du tu du tu du dutodoo♪♫..alarm ng telepono ko para ako ay gumising na at magpatuloy sa aking trabaho..inumpisahan ko ang umaga ko sa pag bukas ng laptop at sa pagbukas ng mukhang libro(alam mo na ‘to) ko…nakiki tsismis sa ibang tao at pinapraktis ang pagiging “voyeuristic” ko…mag aalas onse na ng ako ay bumaba para makahigop ng kape at makapag yosi..hindi ko na ininda ang gutom na nararamdaman kasi nagluluto pa naman si ate becka(kasambahay) namen..habang nag yoyosi at nagkakape ay nanood naman ako ng mukha sa mukha (face to face) an paboritong panuorin ng aming kasambahay..
Kumain, nagyosi, naligo, tumae, naghugas, nagbihis, at umalis..ganun kadali ang mga pangyayari.. umalis ako ng mag aala-una ng hapon..ganun pa din ang sistema ng panahon..makulimlim parin pero hindi pa naman umuulan..naglakad ako papunta sa labas para mag abang ng sasakyan papuntang opisina..isang dyip ang pumara, pero hindi ito ang sasakyan ko..makalipas ang ilang Segundo..isang fx naman ang huminto sa harap ko pero hindi pa rin ito ang nais ko..mahuhuli na ako sa trabaho kaya ang sabi ko sa sarili ko ay mag tataksi(taxi or cab) nako papuntang trabaho..mangilan-ngilan rin ang taksing pinara ko pero puro ito may laman.. isang taksing ang aking natatanaw sa hindi kalayuan.pinara ko ito pero hindi ito tumigil sa harap ko..tinitigan lang ako ng drayber sabay lumampas sa may punong kinatatayuan ko..ilang minuto rin ang lumipas..parehong pareho ang nangyari sakin. pinara ko ito pero hindi ito tumigil sa harap ko..tinitigan lang ako ng drayber sabay lumampas sa may punong kinatatayuan ko. pangatlong taksi na at sa sobrang inis ko tumayo na ako sa may malapit na daanan para parahin ito, epektib ang diskarte ko..tumigil si manong drayber para pasakayin ako..umupo ako sa bandang harapan katabi ni manong drayber..habang ako ay nakasakay napapansin ko si manong drayber na nakatitig sa akin..panay ang tingin nya sakin..tahimik sa loob ng sasakyan nya..walang radyong naka bukas..tahimik na tahimik habang si manong drayber ay manong drayber ay medyo matanda na sa itsura at kung ako ay tatanungin mga bandang 60 na ang edad nya pero alam kong malusog pa siya at malakas pa kahit ganun na ang edad nya..balik tayo sa kwento..mga ilang minuto rin ng basagin ko ang katahimikan sa loob ng taksing sinasakyan ko..”ehem” “ehem” “hindi masyadong umulan noh?” ang sabi ko..sumagot naman si manong drayber na “kahit may bagyo, mainit parin” sabay tanong sa akin na “BOMBAY kaba?”..napangiti ako sa tanong nya..sabay sabing “hindi ah”….”mukha ka kasing Bombay” ang sabi ni manong drayber..”hindi sana kita titigilan kanina kasi kala ko Bombay ka” dagdag pa niya..
Hindi ko alam kung ikakatuwa ko o ikakainis ko ang nalaman ko kay manong drayber..mabaho ba ako kung titingnan mo para masabi mong Bombay ako? May dala dala bakong gamit na pahulugan? Marami ang tumatakbo sa aking isipan na itinago ko nalang..pero naisip ko lang..siguro kung Bombay ako eh may dala dala sana akong motorsiklo..sabay sabing “hello my prend”…iniisip ko kung bakit nya nasabi o napagkamalan na Bombay ako..siguro sa tingin ko, sa porma ko na suot ko ngayong araw na ito..sapatos na puti na “chucks” high-cut..naka maong na pantalon at naka “long sleeve” na polo na puti..isang karaniwang porma nga ng mga Bombay dito sa pilipinas kaya anu pa ba ang pinag tataka ko?..isang parang Bombay nga ang porma ko..pero lilinawin ko hindi ako mabaho! Anu bang nirereklamo ko dito..bakit at bakit hindi?