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I have gone through 3 types of OS in Smartphones. Windows OS, Android and lastly iOS from Apple. So which one is the best?

None. There is no better OS than the other, it is a matter of choice, preference and needs. It depends on how you will use your smartphone. If you are a geek and wants customization I would say Android(You have to have time, tools and knowledge to perform such task or if you want a deeper customization on your phone). If you are a professional who doesnt have time and just want your smartphone to do all the things you expect it to do smoothly then go for Apple iOS. Now if you want somehow to have atleast a little of both and just want to be different from the others, go with Microsoft Windows.

I have been exposed with smartphone since 2007 and the first thing I got was an Android from HTC. It was a Desire HD with 4.3′ screen and I thought it was huge back then. I believe it has Android Froyo or Gingerbread if Im not mistaken. I was really amazed on how these kind of phones can do such task, it was like having a mini computer in your hand. I did read everything about Android and exposed myself to and market militia to learn tips,tweaks and root access. I also have gone through a lot o Android forums and almost all my time after work is being consumed researching and learning different kind of customizations. I had many Android phones. Upgrade every upgrade. From Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC (No midranger back then, these manufacturers is the top 4 IMO) after many years, there was a point that I felt helpless and I was like a prisoner on my own phone. I couldnt do such task anymore because of my day job and Android for me is time consuming.(atleast for me, I always want everything to be in place) I realized that the more you want your phone to be accessible or to become a user friendly or to become as easy as you want it to be, you would spend tons of your time to achieve it. (especially in Android, there is always a better version of everything after a month or so). It is a never ending cycle. I would assume, Android is for geeks and IT professional who can fully take advantage of it. It can also for teenagers because of the midrangers smartphones nowadays. “Good phones are going cheap, Cheap phones are going really good”

I finally gave up! I want a more simpler phone that has a little bit of customization and a good look with killer specs. I watched several reviews of Microsoft Windows phone and took a look of their aging Lumia 1520(Late 2014). Checked the price and was on sale for 60% off the price so I took a chance and gave it a shot. I finally got myself a Windows phone. When I set it up, I felt strange. There are no many apps in the store. Even the popular ones. I felt weird and sorry for Microsoft because I thought they are doing good especially in their Computer OS but it was on the contrary in their Smartphone OS. There were no support from other developers and it is so sad and lonely in their App store. Regardless of the issue from the developers I still kept my phone for a year because of the best camera of Lumia lineup and besides it was simple and doesn’t  need a lot of customization. Third party apps replacement is also good but it is still better if big app developers would support  Windows OS ecosystem for the benefit of greater option for consumer (read Google versus Microsoft). Accesories for Lumia is also hard to find so if you will switch to this OS join a lot of forum to know where to buy accesories. Battery life in my Lumia 1520 can take up to 2-3 days of average use so it was really great but I was envious of the other accesory support from manufacturers to Android and iOS so after a year and a half I sold my Lumia for a cheap price and went to a more simpler one.

Apple iOS. The Cupertino, CA based company  who is leading in the smartphone business (As they claimed it to be) I just recently got a 6s Plus because I got used to larger phone (back in the day 4.3′ was huge and got Lumia 1520 which is 6′ screensize and now 5.5′ for 6s plus)  and besides larger is always the better right? Better media consumption and better battery life. I appreciate the fact the this kind of OS is out of the box good. You don’t need to spend time for customization. It will do every task you want to do in your smartphone with ease. It will definitely not disappoint if you just want the basics from your phone. The best simple elegant phone you can get. For the record, I only spent 1 hour to achieve the look I want my phone to have and besides there is not much to do aside from customizing folder, rearranging  the icons and changing the wallpapers. That’s basically it but I appreciate the simpler look of it because I don’t have to tinker everytime if I need something especially that I am more busy now than the Android days I had. It also has a great support from Third party accessory manufacturers and app developers so it was all good to me.

Next stop? Blackberry?

So, I therefore conclude that Android is for geeks and IT professionals who can take full advantage of the OS. Apple iOS is for professional who doesn’t have time and for smartphone civillian who just want their phone to do what they expect it to do. and Lastly, Microsoft Windows is for people who likes a good camera and just like to be different from the others:)

The bottom point here is a matter of choice and preference, there is no right or wrong. If you think Windows OS is good for you then go for it.  Afterall, You will not be judged by the smartphone you are using, you will be judged the way you live your life and treat other people.

“To God be the Glory!”

(These are all opinions and experiences)


That’s it pansit!


Candy Crush Helper!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Gadgets

Goodnews android users!
Are u having a hardtime playing candy crush saga!? Here’s a tutorial for you that will give you..

150 moves!
99 moves bomb candies!
No tickets!
Updated until level 410.

Follow this religiously..
*first you have to sync or save ur reached level to facebook.
*second is uninstall your candy crush app. Yes uninstall it.
*3rd you have to uninstall facebook app as well
Or if you dont want to uninstall facebook or you can’t uninstall it..

*Go to Setting
Applications Manager
Find “Facebook” app
Disable it.

*after doing all this and install.

*after installing, open the candy crush app and connect it to facebook..(you should have active internet connection of course!)

*log in to facebook inside the candy crush app MOD…then if you are done and facebook is already synced, play it once..then exit the app

*lastly, install or enable again tje facwbook app then log in there as well

Enjoy the game!

Thanks to the original modder of the app.

Swap tayo?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Gadgets, Important and Serious Matters

Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange such as money.

Swap is an act or process of exchanging one thing to another.

I had several items that I swapped, from gadgets, earphones to luxury shades and other things that is not worth a lot of money(Box of my old cellphone worth 250php).

Swapping is like Barter trade before, no money involved but in todays time swapping involves cash because if someone would swap a “not that valuable thing” to a valuable thing they will need to add up some cash to compensate the value of their items. Sometimes the swapee(i’m not sure if such a word really exist) just needs some cash or emergency funds or sometimes they just dont want their item anymore or sometimes maybe bored or they want something better. The swapper always the one that would want to upgrade their gadgets or got some extra cash to level up their gadgets. Popular sites for doing this in the phillipines are and which i both have an account with a positive feedbacks from all my customers/co-swappers.

With the the sites i provided, the most common item that are being swapped are smartphones but of course everything can be swap to other things from clothes to high end gadgets, sometimes you will get an offer to swap their pets to your gadgets which i think is barely legal.(i personally got an offer to swap my smartphone to a pet spider) which i obviously declined. Afterall this is a free country(LOL)

Barter trade is really a good thing because as they say now “money is the root of all evil” so i came to realized that if Barter trade still exist there will be no corruption all over the world especially in the philippines. It would awesome to see “Barter Trading in an Internet era”

I know some one that is really addicted to swapping. om Every other month i would see him with new things or valuables and sometimes i also swap my things with him which is pretty cool i guess. But now i got tired of doing it because i ran out of things to be swapped:) all the things i have now is already perfect for my lifestyle and i also got the secret of it which is enjoyment. When i get bored with my smartphone, what i do now is reseting my phone to factory settings without creating a back up then reinstalling the apps i use to have and tinkering it like it is new. (I find enjoyment doing this) with my other things i usually put it in a box or wrapping it again and opening it to revisit the enjoyment you used to have when you purchased it.

The main point here is contentment, we should be contented to what we have and be contented to all the things we bought in the first place. We initially bought it because that’s what we wanted in the first place but this would be very hard because we all know that humans doesn’t have contentment at all.

So lets swap?

The HTC Butterfly was one of the first smartphones to adopt a 1080p display, and it became pretty popular not only in the Philippines but Internationally. it got stuck with 4.1.2 however,  HTC has been rolling out an update for the device as I type this article.(I believed I am the first in the Philippines as I purchased my device online and it is originally manufactured from taiwan (not Phil.)








Last night (July 9, 2013) I received an update from HTC about 1.39mb and when i read the description it is just a patched to prepare the device to a whooping 551.69mb update of jellybean 4.2.2 and sense 5.0. it took me 3 hours to completely download all the files needed and 15 minutes to restart and reboot the device on its own.

There a lot of new features added on the said updates and it entirely excite the hell of me. Let me tell you the things i like and the things i dislike on the said updates but here are the full changelogs..

Full HTC Butterfly 2.28.709.2 Update Changelog:

-Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 update

-I am more than happy to get the latest Android version as I have now the Jellybean 4.2.2 and to think, i have a better android version than HTC one which is the current HTC flagship for this year which has just the Jellybean 4.1.2.

-Sense 5.0 was great since they completely change everything from sense 4+ so it is a completely new design which i felt a little compressed and cartoon”ish”. The font was changed and also the messaging (if you want the 4+ version where there are bubbles and colors it will not be available, it has color but not the bubbles i enjoyed before) it was just  a straight square which i believe is a Jellybean 4.2.2 feature. There are some changes too in the HTC sense looks Flat and i find it harder as compared to the old one. One thing I also noticed missing was the HTC skin, it is no longer available so you will be stuck in “blue”(i mean the highlight color) this could be better if they retained the old option from sense 4+
-another thing is the color crispness, it looks like it became dull with regard to the color of the looks like pale now although the brightness of my phone is already on its maximum.(i don’t know if it just me or its the reality)



-tabs in sense 5.0 are no longer in the bottom but its already on the top and it is already slideable..which is great!


-HTC Blink Feed integration 

This is a great feature of sense 5.0 and it is so helpful but for me i wont enjoy this feature as I use 3rd launcher application ( NOVA launcher prime ) this could be better if this is just an application that you can open or maybe a widget that you can add to your home screen.

-New lock screen style: Widget 

This is great if the user occasionally customize their phone but i would prefer the NO lock feature which they still have and currently using it.

-Show battery level in status bar 

A minimal addition to the battery which you can have the option to show the percentage of the battery in your notification bar/panel 08

-Add sleep mode option in Power settings 

I guess what they mean about this is just the option to turn off 3G data if the screen is ON and turn it off when the screen is off. I already have this on my juice defender or any battery saving app but it is a great bonus as you dont need to download additional app for that.

-Quick settings panel: 12 default settings by new touch gesture

Another jellybean 4.2.2 update but i like that HTC put on it since it is very classy and very is a great shortcut for toggling your WiFi, data, Bluetooth has 12 toggles that you can customized to whichever you want.

-AE/AF lock feature: Lock Exposure/Focus at viewfinder screen

I haven’t noticed any difference on my camera or maybe i haven’t discover it yet since the update was just last night so i guess I will get back on you on this:)
-Video Highlights: 30 seconds show in 12 different themes

A phenomenal feature of the update. this is with regard to your gallery application where your phone will automatically play a slideshow without choosing any album or events. This would be great if you could turn off the video highlights as I guess it consumes more battery. (probably there is a switch off there that i haven’t discovered yet:). I also thought that this could be the HTC zoe but i was disappointed and HTC confirmed that it will just be for HTC one which is pretty fair for their flagship device.

Music channel: Virtualization with live lyrics

Haven’t tried the feature yet but this is a cool addition to the update.


To sum it all up..there is clearly no complaint about the update but some suggestions maybe considered and I hope this will not be the last update for the HTC butterfly (hoping to get the Keylime pie of course!) so KUDOS to HTC as they updated the butterfly not too late but a little bit behind (expected to be updated couple of months ago) this is based on experience as i had HTC desire HD, HTC evo 3D and HTC sensation XE where they updated it for about a year! 

*this article is just my opinion and nothing to do with the majority of users.


*Tell me your opinions down below!